Tuesday, 27 January 2009

With a little help from my friends

Round 3: University (Regan, Stella and Deacon)
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Stella has fallen head over heels for Deacon Burrows. There are some good-looking guys in her drama class but none of them compare to Deacon. When Deacon kisses her the first time, it's like a bolt of lightning going through her body. (Actually they have 3 bolts for each other.) It doesn't take long for Stella to ask Deacon to move in with her and Regan. He's more than happy to - life in the dorms can get quite tiring.

Things are going pretty well for Regan too. Her night out with Max Fielding was a good beginning for their relationship and now she's completely in love with him. Regan and Stella have used some of their money to buy some furniture for the house, including a double bed. Naturally someone has to test the bed and Regan and Max are more than happy to provide that service.

For a knowledge sim, Regan doesn't seem to know so much - at least she seems to have skipped the class where they told about the birds and the bees.

Regan is happy and terrified at the same time. She hasn't had the nerve to tell Max about the pregnancy yet so she refuses to see him. Deacon tries to come up with some encouraging words but doesn't really know what to say.

Regan is determined to succeed in her studies despite of the pregnancy. She is pretty tired all the time but other than that she feels fine. Stella is being extremely supportive. She makes sure Regan eats and rests enough. She also keeps Regan's spirits up by joking and playing around.

Regan has decided to stop acting like a child. She invites both Max and her brother Ryland for a visit. Max is quite shocked after seeing Regan's baby bump but he pulls himself quickly together. Regan is relieved - she had worried about Max's reaction to the news.

Regan is even more surprised of Ryland's reaction. He doesn't say anything about the baby. Instead he congratulates Regan about her success in the exams.

Ryland has a different attitude towards Max though. This wasn't his intention when he asked Max to check up on Regan. Max keeps his cool and tells Ryland that he loves Regan and will take care of her.

Ryland tries to convince Regan to move back home and return to university later but she puts her foot down. She's not going to move anywhere. Stella and Deacon have promised to help her with the baby. Ryland doesn't have any other choice than to accept Regan's decision. Secretly he's proud of her for being so strong and independent.

Later that evening Regan gives birth to a healthy baby girl with Max right beside her. They're both thrilled about their little bundle of joy and decide to name her Nyah Amelia.

It might not have been in her plan to get a child at this age but Regan isn't complaining. She has never felt as happy as she does when she's holding Nyah in her arms.

Nyah quickly charms the whole household. "Auntie Stella" is more than happy to babysit while Regan goes to classes.

Days go by quickly and Nyah is now a toddler. Max visits Regan and Nyah because he wants his daughter to get to know him. He also has good news for Regan. He has purchased a house near the centre of Wellington. He wants Regan and Nyah to move there with him after Regan graduates.

Stella enjoys babysitting but she still has to work on her own studies. Good physique is important in the show business so she works out as often as she can. Nyah is pretty happy trying to catch butterflies while auntie jumps around.

Stella and Deacon still find time for romance even though they're both busy with assignments and term papers.

It usually leads to their favorite hobby: woohoo. They can't keep their hands off of each other.

Senior year is taken its toll on everyone. Regan often finds herself so tired that she falls asleep while eating. She usually doesn't have time for her studies until Nyah falls asleep in the evening.

Regan and Stella graduate with good grades. Regan was able to maintain her GPA at 3.8 even with having to take care of a child. Stella is quite happy with her 2.8 GPA. She knows her talent and good looks will guarantee her a career in show business.

Deacon is one year younger so he's left alone in the house for his senior year. The house feels so empty and boring so Deacon lives for his studies. His hard work is awarded as he graduates with 4.0 GPA and he's ready to move to Wellington to live with Stella.

  • Title from "With a little help from my friends" by The Beatles
  • I have to admit, Regan's pregnancy was totally intentional. I got a bit bored playing uni and I thought a baby would spice things up. It all turned out well in the end so I don't have any regrets.
  • For some reason I was under the impression that Max is a Romance sim but he's not. He's Popularity so I'm hoping that his relationship with Regan will go well. He still has feelings for Bobbie Greene though, he was one of her first "preys".
  • I wasn't happy at all when Stella got attracted to Deacon. I was ready to get rid of him because he creeped me out when I was playing the Harpers in uni. Lucky for him he has changed his behaviour.


  1. Oh wow, a Uni baby! Anytime my sims ended up accidentally knocked up, I kicked them out of Uni, LOL. The time disparity drove me batty.

    Hopefully these two can keep it together. :)

  2. Ha, looks like Isaac would get along with Ryland - they have some things in common, it seems! I'm glad everything worked out well for Regan and that Max is sticking around.

    Reading your post made me think I'm probably going to have to start playing Uni all the way through like you do. The aging doesn't work out and I didn't realise it until I read your post, for some reason.

  3. I use cheats for the aging. One year (2 semesters) in uni equals one day in the main hood. But that meant that Regan would've still been pregnant by the time she graduated because she got knocked up on her sophomore year.

    I let the pregnancy progress as normal but then after Nyah was born and aged to toddler I used the multipainting to keep her in the toddler stage. She had 2 days left before aging to a child when they moved back to Wellington. It's hard to combine the "normal" aging and the uni time.

    I usually cut the semesters in half with the college adjuster ie. I make my students take the final exam when they have about 36-40 hours left in the clock. If they haven't studied hard enough to get good grades then that's their problem :)