Saturday, 10 January 2009

Eight days a week

Round 3: 1986-1990
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There's seems to be a real baby boom sweeping across Wellington. Newlyweds Vicki and Patrick try successfully for a child right after their wedding party.

Vicki's daughter Alexandra takes advantage of the warm autumn day. She plays around the backyard with Carol Mirren, a friend from school.

Alexandra seems like the perfect daughter. She's a great cook and often serves the meal for their little family. She also spends hours in her room painting. She is a Pleasure sim and wants to follow her stepdad's footsteps in the Gamer career by becoming a Game Designer.

The pregnancy is taking its toll on Vicki. She falls asleep while eating. It's pretty clear she doesn't have the energy to work anymore and it's time to start her maternity leave.

It looks like Alexandra might not be the perfect daughter after all. She goes out on friday night only to come back home a few hours later in a police car. The officer lets her off the hook this time but says that if he ever catches her out and about in the wee hours, he will inform her parents.

Vicki is happily unaware of her daughter's adventures. But that will change soon...

Alexandra has definitely not learned her lesson. She's out with a much older man, Benjamin Barnes whom she met online. She has told Benjamin that she's a law student in a university far away and is visiting her parents. What Alexandra doesn't know is that she's been seen. Her aunt Bobbie is dining in the same restaurant and is shocked to see her little niece.

All hell breaks loose when Alexandra returns home. Bobbie has called Vicki and informed her what Lexie has been doing. "You will not run around the town with grown-up men. You are SO grounded for the next week!"

Benjamin who has driven Lexie home happens to hear the commotion and rushes in. Vicki gives him a piece of her mind. "Do the math! She's only 16". Benjamin is utterly shocked. Needless to say, this is the end of Alexandra and Benjamin before it even began.

The next day Vicki goes into labor. She's home alone but luckily everything goes well.

It's a boy! Welcome to the world, Thomas.

After the whole fiasco with Benjamin, Alexandra has decided to stick to boys of her age. She meets Nico Morris in school and the sparks fly.

Even Vicki seems to approve Nico as she invites him in for lunch. Alexandra is hoping her mother would forget that she's grounded but Alexandra stays firm. "You won't go out this week, not once!"

Meanwhile, Patrick is spending time with Thomas who has already aged to a toddler. Thomas loves to hear stories about cars. Patrick also enjoys the stories but the potty training... not so much.

Vicki teaches Thomas to talk. His first word is "teddy" although Patrick insists that Tommy said "daddy".

Alexandra decides to put her wild days behind her. She decides to concentrate on her studies although her mind quickly changes when she gets a love letter from Nico.

  • Title from "Eight days a week" by The Beatles
  • I had definitely not planned any romance between Alexandra and Benjamin and nothing really happened either. Teen-adult romances are not my cup of tea. But when Bobbie happened to be in the same restaurant with Lexie when I was playing her household, I got the idea for this twist. And it's about time for a wild teenager in Wellington!
  • So much happened during this session that I had to leave some stuff out of the update. Mostly career stuff that you can read in the sim profiles.


  1. It's a good thing Alexandra got that rebellious streak out of her system while she's young! When I saw her and Benjamin together yesterday, I wondered if you'd mention it next time you played her.

  2. I love teen/adult romance lol So I was hoping something would come of it. Oh, well, lol.

    So her wild days are behind her and now she's focused on school work, and a new boy. Can't wait to see where this goes.

  3. LOL! Teen gone wild in Wellington! At least she got it out of her system now. Hopefully that means she'll tame down and listen to her mother. ;)

    Amusingly enough, the security word I had to type in for this comment was, "tudes".

  4. Those two pics you took of Vicki - You're grounded and Do the Math - were so PERFECT! with those thought bubbles. I really should pay more attention to thought bubbles the way you guys do...