Saturday, 24 July 2010

Dancing on my own

Round 12: Autumn 2018
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Ryland and Jackie Whitfield are 67, Dawn and Zach are 14.
(Finn is 13.)

Narrated by Dawn Whitfield

I'm finally old enough to work at the restaurant. I worked there during the summer holiday and now I go there on saturdays. I had to start from the bottom so at first I just washed the dishes and cleaned tables but now I'm allowed to serve the customers as well.

Denise came to the restaurant for lunch while Ben and the boys were playing football in the park. She's having a baby in a couple of months and she and Ben have asked me to be the godmother. I'm so excited!

She gave me a big tip before she left. She said that it's great that I enjoy working in the restaurant and that she's sure I'm going to be a great chef some day.

Stephen also came by. I'm so fed up with him. I've had a huge crush on him for years but lately I've felt that he's just playing games with my heart. We've kissed a few times but he barely notices me in school.

I'm glad he's going away to college next year. It just makes things a lot easier.

Can you believe it, Zach just suddenly decided that he wants to become a doctor when he grows up! He even started volunteering at the nursing home in hopes of getting enough experience to get a real job at the hospital. However the first thing he got was a flu! Mom made him stay in bed for a few days which totally drove him insane. He said he's never been so bored in his life.

Eventually mom let him get up and come eat soup with us. I was afraid he would get me sick as well because he kept coughing and coughing. I'm glad he recovered after a few days because I was already starting to worry. He can be a huge pain but he's still my brother and I love him.

We have a new family member. Our dogs Fifi and Marcel had a puppy in the summer. We named him Paco and he is absolutely gorgeous! Mom and dad haven't decided yet whether we'll keep him or not. Liam and Riley have been asking for a pet but Denise and Ben have been a bit vague about it so far. They'll be moving into their new house sometime next year so maybe they'll take him then. In the meantime, I don't mind taking care of him at all.

I've finally moved on from Stephen and his little mind games. Finn Harris asked me out on a date and I thought "why not!". He's only one year younger than me so the age difference isn't really an issue and he's just so much fun to be with.

He's even met my parents. Mom seemed to like him.

I was a bit worried about introducing him to dad but they seemed to get along quite well. Dad kept asking him all these stupid questions like what are his career plans and stuff like that. He's only 13!

I like him very much. We've just started dating so it's nothing serious but at least with him I know what's going on.

I think Zach has met someone too. He had this smug smile on his face when he came home after spending the entire day at Generation X.

He wouldn't tell me anything but Lilly called me later that evening and said that she had seen him talking to this pretty blonde. Lilly didn't know her name though because she doesn't go to our school.

Apparently they had cuddled for hours before Zach had to come home. I have to find out who she is. Maybe I can get Zach to open up if I threaten to tell mom and dad!

  • Title reference: Dancing on my own by Robyn
  • I knew that the thing between Dawn and Stephen would have to end since he's turning 18 next year. She actually has a higher chemistry with Finn so it all turned out good. I don't know what Stephen thinks about this whole situation though.
  • Zach's girl is a townie called Olivia Holden. They only have one bolt but the poor boy was desperate for a romance. Unfortunately he's also incredibly picky because he only has 1 bolt with every teen girl in town!
  • Paco is the first puppy ever born in my game! I was so excited :D
  • Zach is the last sim who rolled the flu epidemic. I definitely won't be doing this ROS again for a few rounds!
  • I should have the last real update of Round 12 ready by tomorrow so it seems I'm able to keep my promise of finishing this round in July :)


  1. I'm glad Dawn is finally dating someone her age. It was really strange when she was 13 and Stephen was 16.

    Paco is really gorgeous! How does he look so shiny? my sim puppies don't look like that. :)

  2. Thanks for reading, Flit :)

    Yes, it was all innocent between Dawn and Stephen but at their age the difference is still too much. She and Finn make a nice couple.

    Paco doesn't usually look so shiny but they're in direct sunlight from the window and there are also a couple of ceiling lamps.

  3. The little dog is so cute, almost too cute to give away, but 3 dogs might be a little bit too much.

    I'm glad Dawn found someone new, the age-difference is a little bit too big at her age, and she and Finn make a sweet couple.
    As does her brother and his girlfriend.

    I like Dawn's hair, where did you get it?

  4. Awww, Paco is a cutie! My Sims haven't had any puppies for ages.

    I'm glad Dawn is happy with Finn. Better chemistry and closer to her age. Stephen turning 18 and them still being together would have been a scandal, that's for sure!

    Zach's girl is very pretty too. I'll be interested to see what happens between Zach and Olivia in the future!

  5. Tanja, the puppy is so cute. If they give it away it'll probably be to either Rianna or Denise so it'll sort of stay in the family.

    Yes, it was about Dawn found someone her age. And I'm glad that Zach finally got to make out with someone ;)

    Dawn's hair is by mike2xx and you can find it here:

    Carla, I can't believe I've had this game for so long and this is my first puppy. I've never had kittens either.

    I'm sure Ryland and Jackie (and many others) would've totally freaked out if they knew that there was something going on between Dawn and Stephen. Finn is a much better choice.

    I created a few new teen townies some time ago and Olivia is from that batch. Zach really is too picky but I think I'll try to fix his turn-ons to match Olivia better to see if their chemistry goes up at all.

  6. I'm so glad that Dawn found a better boy! She's one of my favorites, and she seems to be on a high cloud with being a server, having a boy, and being a godmother soon.

    And yah, her brother found a cute girl! She's adorable! Too bad they have low chemistry, but that doesn't always matter, and as you are willing to tweak things, it may turn into a great chemical relationship too.

  7. Maisie, Dawn is really happy working at the restaurant, she's waited so long to be old enough to work there. Dawn's one of my favorites too. I tend to start liking my sims a lot more when they age up to teens and start getting more interesting.

    Zach is a romance sim so it was about time he hooked up with someone! I often tweak the turn-ons if two sims with non-matching turn-ons start liking each other.

  8. I'm glad she moved on from Stephan as well, that was jerky of him. Hmm, a new romance for Zach, I hope Dawn doesn't rat him out, I'm sure he has enough dirt on her as well.

  9. Apple Valley, Stephen wasn't very nice to Dawn, I'm glad she's moved on too.

    I'm sure she doesn't rat Zach out because she doesn't want him to tell their parents about Stephen!

  10. I've been slowly but surely reading your blog from the beginning and so far, I'm loving it (but been too lazy to comment lol). I just had to comment on this one though because my parents' dog is named Paco! And he's brown just like their puppy. I just thought it was cute and had to share :)

  11. Danielle, wow, you're reading it from the beginning! If you weren't this far I would suggest skipping the first few rounds. At least you've seen that the writing does get better at some point ;)

    Paco is on my list for pet names if I ever get a dog at some point. You'll get to see more of Paco in the later updates although not for a while though.

    Thanks for reading and feel free to comment whenever you feel like :)