Friday, 16 July 2010

Harvest moon

Round 12: Summer 2018
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Ben Cooper is 40, Denise is 32, Riley is 8 and Liam is 6.
Jackie is 67.)

Narrated by Ben Cooper

Our third child will be born in the winter and we're ecstatic about it. We're both hoping it's a girl but we'll be happy anyway as long as the baby is healthy.

Denise doesn't feel like leaving the house. She's been fine during this pregnancy except now in the summer when it's so hot and she's more tired than usual. She keeps up with what's going on in the politics by reading the paper.

We finally bought the land and our house is coming up nicely. Naturally I designed it so it should be just perfect for us. Denise is usually too tired to come to the construction site and it's too dangerous for the boys but I visit there almost daily to see how it's going.

The exterior is almost done so it shouldn't take too long before the guys get to work on the interior. We hired a couple of guys who have worked in many projects with me so I trust them fully.

They're already painting the window panes.

I tried my hand at painting as well. It's been a long time since I've worked on a construction site so I leave the hard stuff for the professionals.

We're using an interior designer to help with the purchases of wallpapers and other stuff. That way Denise doesn't have to run into the shops all the time.

They've gone through so many design books and magazines that I've lost count weeks ago. Denise and I have gone through all their plans and I'm sure the house will look amazing.

I think the only thing we're going to miss about this apartment is the swimming pool. Denise and the boys have practically been living there during the summer. There's plenty of room in the backyard in our house but a pool is not at the top on the list of things we need to get for the house.

Denise's mom comes over almost every day before she opens the restaurant. Dawn and Zach are hardly ever home now that they both got summer jobs and hang out with their friends in the evenings. Jackie says she needs to be needed and she enjoys helping her kids whenever she can.

She is a great help. She usually cooks lunch before she goes and her food is to die for! No wonder the restaurant is doing so well.

My favorite part of the day is when I come home from work and it's just the four of us spending quality time together.

  • Title reference: Harvest moon by Neil Young.
  • A short update for a change because I was too lazy to play them longer and take more pictures.
  • The house is almost finished but I haven't moved the family in yet. I still need to do some work on it and also it wouldn't be very realistic if the interiors were done in like 2 days. But they'll definitely move there before I play them the next time.
  • I was hoping to get much more updates done during my summer holiday but so far it's not looking good. I was sick with the flu and it's also been way too hot to sit in front of the computer all the time. But I'm determined to finish this round in July!


  1. I loved the shots of the house in progress, I've always wanted to do a house in progress so that I could use those wallpapers, but it usually doesn't make too much sense during gameplay since the wallpapers are more expensive than the paints sometimes.

  2. I liked the building shots too! It's so easy to just place a house and move someone in in-game, so it really makes the story more 'real' to enact things like this.

  3. The construction site pics were so cool! It definitely lent a bit more realism to the update.

    Denise is just the cutest pregnant Sim ever. What a sweet family.

    And yay Neil Young! I saw him live in January '09 and he was so awesome.

  4. Thanks for reading :)

    Apple Valley, yeah, it's crazy that those unfinished looking walls are more expensive than finished ones. I wanted to do it anyway :)

    Blackcat, the house was actually a community lot at the time when Ben visited it. Their real house is ready in the houses & lots bin and this is just a replica with some changes. So when it's time to move them into their house, I'll just bulldoze that lot and put their real house in.

    Carla, I just had to do it after I saw beosboxboy's construction stuff while I was looking for something else at TSR.

    I enjoy playing this family very much. I wish I could keep Denise pregnant all the time LOL. She hasn't gotten any morning sickness at all so I guess that being pregnant really suits her.

    I love Neil Young. He's such a legend and his songs are just wonderful.