Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Happy Birthday, Winter 2019

It's winter and Denise Cooper has just gone into labor. Her husband Ben comes home from work right on time to take her to the hospital.

It looks like Denise still won't get to dress up a little princess since they have another boy. They name the baby Brady Seamus.

Grandma Jackie has brought Riley and Liam to the hospital to see their little brother. The whole family is delighted when doctor Grace tells them that Denise and Brady should get home in a couple of days.

Bridget Greene-Cooper celebrates her first birthday. Bridget will become a big sister soon because her parents Janie and Danny have just found out that Janie is pregnant!

Brixton University gets one new student this year when Stephen Marlowe turns 18. He hasn't declared a major yet.

  • No baby girl for Denise and Ben but at least this boy will look different from Riley and Liam because he has brown eyes! I guess I finally learned how to use the batbox correctly.
  • I went to age up Bridget and what happens?! Janie and Danny tried for a baby and it was a success. They're not allowed to use BC because they're both slobs so I guess it's not a real surprise. The baby is due in Autumn 2019.
  • I have to admit I have a little crush on Stephen. Oh my, did he grow up nicely!
  • I've updated all sim profiles and the student index and I've also put up a play schedule for this round, all accessible from the side bar.


  1. Aww, the family looks so cute in the hospital. Ok, this is it, I am going to update my hospital.

  2. Apple Valley, thank you :) I actually started modifying the hospital already because I didn't like how it turned out.

  3. I really like what you did with the hospital scene.

  4. LaurelCrossing, heh, I knew someone would appreciate his new looks :)

    heredoncove, thank you. I have to admit that my hospital scenes (and my hospital, once I finish modifying it), is very heavily inspired by what Carla from Sullivan has done with hers.

  5. Well, well, well, hello Stephen! He was a cute teen but I never would have imagined he'd turn out so gorgeous!

    Bridget is a beautiful little girl, though I'm still amazed she's not a redhead!

    Love the hospital pics! I like the idea of having the crib in the room. That's the default arrangement here, though they'll put the baby in the nursery for the night if you ask. I don't think I've seen that specific crib though and I thought I'd seen all the hospital stuff! Do you remember where you got it?

  6. Carla, I know, I was really surprised when I aged Stephen up. I kept staring at him for a few good minutes LOL.

    Bridget is adorable, I think she mostly looks like Janie except her mouth is from Danny.

    I'm actually rebuilding the hospital right now, I know, I'm hopeless. I just didn't really like how it turned out so I started modifying it and ended up tearing down walls and doing it all over again! No doubt it'll be heavily inspired by your hospital :)

    I put the crib in the room because that's the default arrangement here too. I might build a family room where the whole family (mother, father, new baby and possible older siblings) can stay in the hospital. My brother and SIL had one when my third niece was born.

    The crib is from MTS:

  7. Oh, don't start giving me more ideas for my hospital now! I'll be tacking on another level so I can put a parenting suite in!

    Thanks for the link to the crib. The object I'm using for a crib isn't actually a crib, so this'll be much better!

  8. I love the picture of the whole family in the hospital! Did you just have her give birth at home and then load the hospital lot and teleport them all in for the pics? Stephen is definitely a hot set of pixels! :)

  9. Carla, you could easily add another level, couldn't you? I think I'll skip the parenting suite after all, there's really no room for it.

    I downloaded that other crib too but was kind of disappointed to find out it's not really a crib.

    Mizzgin03, yes, Denise gave birth at home and then I made her go to the hospital and teleported everyone else there.

    Stephen is yummy ;)

  10. Stephen aged up nicely, and Bridget is adorable! I'm a little surprised they TFB again, bridget won't even be two when she's a big sister.

    I'm a little happy that Denise had another boy, I've always wanted a sim family to have all boys, and haven't got it yet. I'm sure she would have liked having a girl to dress up, but still, three boys is awfully fun too.

  11. Yeah, I could add another level but it's already three levels. I'm conscious of it getting too laggy because it plays really beautifully right now. If I decide I really want a parenting suite, I'll just convert one of the regular hospital rooms. :)

  12. What awesome hospital scenes you've set up. I don't think I'd have the patience to set all that up.

    Bridget is adorable with those big green eyes!

  13. Maisie, I was very surprised that Danny and Janie TFB again! I think I'll turn it off for them after this baby is born, at least for a few years.

    I was a bit disappointed at first but now I'm happy with Denise and Ben having another boy.

    Carla, that was the main reason I ended up building a completely new hospital (yes, a second one in a short time). The first one was just too big and I was afraid my computer wouldn't handle it well.

    gallowaytownship, thank you. It takes a lot of patience but I really like how they turned out in the end.

    Bridget really is adorable :)

  14. Aww, welcome to the world little Brady! I like the pictures of your hospital, very nice!

    Bridget looks adorable, and I agree with LaurelCrossing, hello there Stephen! ;)

  15. Tessa, thanks. I've actually rebuild the hospital. I made a smaller one so that it's easier on my computer. I like it better than the original, although the rooms still look pretty much the same.