Thursday, 18 December 2008

Sisters are doing it for themselves

Round 1: 1976-1980
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Bobbie and Vicki Hayes are twins but they're not very close. Vicki moved in with Bobbie when she was pregnant with her daughter Alexandra who's now a toddler. They live in one of the apartment in the Ivy Creek Condos near the city centre.

Bobbie is a Knowledge sim and has the LTW to become a City Planner. However she'll have to settle for whatever job she can to be able to pay the rent.

Vicki is all about the Family and wants 6 grandchildren. Currently she stays at home with Alexandra but will probably get a job after Alex has gotten a bit older.

Alexandra is Vicki's daughter. She was created in CAS with the make-a-baby tool, her father was a "dummy" sim who got scrapped after the use of his genes.

Vicki is determined to make her daughter's life as good as she possibly can. She spends countless hours teaching Alexandra to walk, talk and go to potty. She won't even let a little mess like stinking baby bottles to stand in her way. It's all worth it when your baby's first word is "mama".

Bobbie is forced to become a Recruit in the Military which doesn't make her very happy. She's constantly looking for a job in the architecture career but so far she hasn't had any luck. And even though she adores Alexandra, she's not so fond of sharing her apartment with two other people as there's not much room for anything.

Vicki, on the other hand, is happy to be a stay-at-home mom and take care of the household. Sometimes she feels like there's something missing though. It would be so nice to be able to share her thoughts about raising Alexandra with someone. (Vicki rolled the want to get married right after I moved them on the lot - she hadn't even met anyone yet!)

I thought I'd liven things up a bit by giving Bobbie a second aspiration. I roll a dice for these kinds of things so Bobbie got romance and she has her eyes set on the first target in no time. Carlo Moreno, a townie, seems to be quite the willing victim.

ACR kicks in and before you know it, Bobbie and Carlo are making out in the hot tub in the apartment building common area. Luckily none of Bobbie's neighbors are present when they decide to woohoo.

The next day it's Max Fielding's turn to fall into Bobbie's charms (and arms). They end up for a quick woohoo in the hot tub too.

In between Bobbie's "adventures" Alexandra has a birthday and ages to a child. She celebrates her new lifestage with her mom and auntie as well as a few male townies.

Vicki decides to get a job. As much as she enjoys living in the Ivy Creek Condos she doesn't want her daughter to get a bad example from Bobbie. Lately Bobbie has been bringing different men to the apartment every night and Vicki doesn't quite approve. She'll probably have to get an apartment from a not so established building since the rents at the Ivy Creek are quite high. Luckily she gets a job as a Law Firm Receptionist.

Bobbie is unaware of her sister's attitude towards her lifestyle. Not that she would care anyway. She's finally gotten a chance to prove her talents in the Architecture career. She starts as Cement Mixer but soon impresses her boss with her skills and gets a promotion to Brick Layer.

Alexandra's pre-destined Hobby is Nature and she enjoys hunting bugs outside. I'm hoping I can turn her interest in nature into a career somehow but only time will tell.

Now that Alexandra has grown up a bit, Vicki feels like she can take time for herself sometimes. She takes first step towards marriage by going on a date with Patrick Marlowe (a townie). They meet at Twilight Zone, a hip nightclub near the apartment.

After a duet on the karaoke, Vicki and Patrick decide to have dinner. They talk about her job at the law firm and Patrick congratulates her on the promotion to Legal Secretary.

After the dinner it's time to dance the night away in the upstairs disco.

Vicki decides to invite Patrick home with her and they end the night with some romantic moments in the hot tub.

  • Title from "Sisters are doing it for themselves" by Aretha Franklin & Eurythmics


  1. Alexandra is just the cutest thing ever.

    Bobbie's certainly getting around, isn't she? How long are your rotations?

  2. Oh yeah, Bobbie is very active ;) This is the first time I play with ACR and I love how it livens up the game. The moment I gave Bobbie her second aspiration and set her autonomy level to "high" she became a maneater!

    I play each family for 5 days. The whole time in uni stands for 4 days in the main hood. My next household will be one in college.

  3. I'm starting to enjoy romance sims but I don't think I want to let my hood get over run with them, lol

    Nice family though, can't wait to see how they develope.