Wednesday, 15 April 2009

What if

Round 6: 2001-2004
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Alex has gotten a punching bag from work so that he has some variety in his fitness program. It's amazing that he's still the MVP at the ripe age of 48!

Bobbie likes the more intellectual hobbies and especially enjoys a game of chess with her kids. Patsy likes to play chess but she also has an interest for fitness.

Bobbie has the day off and she's planning to take the kids to the park. First they need to eat some breakfast though. Patsy and the triplets Charlie, Dixie and Janie are anxious to go so they pretty much inhale their food.

Unfortunately it starts to rain right after they've finished breakfast so the kids play with the activity table.

Alex is starting to feel the weight of the years on his shoulders. The gruelling workout regime is taking its toll on him.

Sunday morning the sun is shining so Alex and Bobby both decide to skip work so they can take the kids to Henley Park.

The kids are thrilled to play on the playground. Bobbie grills some hotdogs and they quickly eat before playing some more.

Janie and Dixie also try out the skating rink.

They get back home and Bobbie bakes a berry pie to celebrate Patsy's birthday. She's turning 11 today!

Patsy has been hoping she'd get an exercise bike but she's quite happy with her present: new wallpaper and bedding.

Patsy goes out to Generation X to meet other teenagers. She's hoping to meet someone to have her first kiss with but she has no luck. All the guys seem quite nice but she just doesn't find them attractive at all.

When she meets Camryn Mitchell at school she understands why she wasn't interested in boys last night. She likes girls! Unfortunately Camryn doesn't want to hear anything like that.

Bobbie is fixing the computer when she gets an electric shock. Luckily she isn't hurt but it surely reminds her that she's not a mechanic!

Random funny:

It's true...
... men only talk about sports and women!

  • Title from "What if" by Coldplay
  • I've made the decision not to plead in case the Grim Reaper shows up so I'm very happy that Bobbie survived the electrocution.


  1. Whew, I was worried for a moment that Bobbie might not have survived! Glad she did! I hope Patsy meets a girl she likes and who likes her back soon.

    LOL at your last pictures! So true! ;)

  2. I'm happy Bobbie survived too - I like her a lot.

    I hope Patsy can meet a nice girl soon. Do you use the randomise neighbourhood option on ACR or did you just decide Patsy was gay?

  3. I haven't used the randomise neighborhood on ACR because I'm not sure if it messes with sims who are in relationships or not. LOL I guess I should RTFM!

    I usually randomise the gender preference with ACR for the specific teen after the age transition from child. I think Grace Robinson is bi but she seems to be leaning more towards boys.

  4. Nope, it doesn't mess with any Sims who are already in love with someone (maybe Sims who are already in crush but I'm not positive on that one). You can even set it so that it only does Sims who have no gender preference or only townies & NPCs.

    I don't use the option to randomise the specific teen because it doesn't seem to take into account the sexuality of the other Sims in the hood. With the hood randomiser, it keeps it at about 10-15% gay or bi and the rest not.

  5. I ran the hood randomiser yesterday so now it should be easier for Patsy to find someone. I'm planning to build a night club only for gay and bi sims.

  6. LOL! That last picture is too cute - women and sports indeed!