Friday, 17 April 2009


Round 6: 2001-2004
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Narrated by Thomas Marlowe.

Mom is taking things really easy now. It's weird to see her just sitting and reading for hours but I guess she doesn't wanna take any risks with the pregnancy.

I'm trying to help around the house as much as I can since dad usually comes home pretty late from work.

I'm starting to think that maybe I should just become a plumber. I seem to be able to handle all this tinkering stuff pretty easily. Maybe it's because I spend hours and hours playing with blocks when I was a kid.

Mom finally popped and I have a brand new baby brother, Stephen Michael. I stay away when his diaper starts to smell although dad has tried to convince me that I could use the practice. No way! I'm going steady with Nyah now but we're light years away from having kids of our own!

Speaking of Nyah, I invited her over so we could study together but we ended up making out instead. She's so cool!

Her father Max tagged along and I noticed that mom talked to him for ages. I guess it doesn't hurt that they get along.

I know the guys in my basketball team would laugh their butts off if they knew that I do yoga. Aunt Bobbie's husband Alex told me it's a good exercise method and helps with concentration. And he's been chosen the MVP many times so he knows what he's talking about!

Stephen had his first birthday. I might spend more time with him now that he's out of diapers and knows how to use the potty by himself.

I'm determined to get into university so I have to pay attention to my grades. I'm not that fond of home work but I'd rather do it than listen to mom lecture me.

I never knew little brother could be this much fun! He follows Donna everywhere and yesterday he spent hours crawling all over the floor and barking like a dog.

Mom didn't find it very amusing though when she found Stephen eating Donna's food!

Oh happy days! I turned 16 yesterday and I'm finally allowed to drive. Mom is staying at home with Stephen for a few days so she let me drive to school. All the guys were so jealous!

One of my team mates came home with me. The coach is encouraging us to play chess because he says it will help us to understand game strategies better. Some of the guys have even joined the chess club.

Trevor and I got bored with chess pretty quickly so we spend the afternoon just goofing around.

Oh my god. Dad has really started to enjoy singing. He's always crooning some old Frank Simatra tunes. I have no problem with his singing but I wish he would get rid of that horrible comb over!

  • Title from "Wonderful" by Ja Rule featuring R Kelly and Ashanti
  • The Marlowes are a bit vanilla, not much happens in their household. But I guess it's nice to have one stress-free family in the hood LOL
  • Tommy won't be going to college until at the end of round 7 although he already has 3 scholarships. The family is pretty much loaded with money so they won't have any problems paying for his tuitions once he enrolls in Brixton Academy. I'll have to decorate their garden next round so they can get rid of some of that money.
  • The teens in Wellington aren't allowed to drive until they turn 16. So far the Marlowes are the only family to have a car so it's really not an issue anyway.


  1. I'm glad Stephen was healthy - he looks like he's growing up well.

    Tommy is kind of a wonderkid, isn't he? Scholarships already, plus a nice girlfriend, rich family. He's got it made!

  2. Yeah, life for Tommy has been quite easy... maybe I should come up with some kind of plan to make it harder. I don't like it when my sims have it too easy LOL

  3. It's good to see that he's not a rich spoiled brat, lol. Not depending on daddy's money to get him through college. He seems to be a well runded kid!

  4. I like Thomas, he's a cool kid - looks awfully like a girl though - very pretty!