Sunday, 19 April 2009

You give me something

Round 6: 2001-2004
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Paige gets her first kiss from Jack Robinson. She could have picked a better companion though since this is definitely not Jack's first kiss. He has girls lined up.

Chase seems to like Jack though. His wife and the girls aren't very interested in sports so it's nice to talk about the latest soccer results with someone.

Alexa spends most of her time painting on the easel in Paige's room. She's the most artistic one of the Harper children.

Brooke enjoys a game of chess every now and then although she's more of a fitness enthusiast like her big sister.

Chase and Amabelle have used most of their money on the mansion and the interiors are starting look a lot better. The kitchen has brand new appliances and they've also replaced some of the floors and walls downstairs.

Paige gets a free membership at the Platinum Gym. All the equipment is new and they even have an indoors pool! This is what heaven must be like.

Chase and Amabelle have started to save for the kids' college funds so instead of going out they celebrate their 20th anniversary at home.

The twins have a new hobby - fishing. Alexa only gets old boots so she ends up eating cookies while Brooke enjoys her blackened catfish.

It has become a habit for Chase to check the job openings on the internet everyday although he knows he'll probably never have a career in the natural science field. He's gotten used to being in the military and it pays well so he's quite content.

Amabelle is advancing well in the SCIA. She's already an Elite Operative and the highest position in the agency is not that far away. She works late hours so she usually spends the majority of her day in her bathrobe taking it easy.

Paige has become a bit of a wild child. She sneaks Jack into her bedroom but she doesn't seem to take her crush on him too seriously since next day she does the same with Carlo Moreno. What a nice way to celebrate her 20th birthday!

Despite being the female equivalent to James Bond, Amabelle is still a real catastrophy in the kitchen. She nearly burns the house down when she tries cook her lunch.

  • Title from "You give me something" by James Morrison
  • Paige will go to university at the end of this round along with (at least) Denise Whitfield and Grace Robinson. There might be others too, I'm not 100% sure.


  1. Oh, wow, you'll have to watch out Paige! It sounds like she could become a homewrecker if she's not careful!

  2. I know! I was shocked when I saw her with Carlo but I'm trying not to interfere too much so I let it happen. Most of my sims seem to be woohoo fanatics!

  3. Paige is someone to watch out for in the future definitely!