Thursday, 17 September 2009

Always on my mind

Round 9: Spring 2012
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Thomas Marlowe is 25, Camryn Mitchell and Patsy Greene are 21, Alexa Harper and Brooke are 20 and Greg Newman and Tom Patterson are 19.
(Nyah is 26, Dixie is 18 and Erin is 17.)

Thomas's dorm mates weren't as shocked as he had expected when they heard he's about to become a father. He's a few years older than the others and he and Nyah have been together "for ages". Nyah and her big belly are quite a familiar sight at the Greenleaves Hall nowadays so nobody pays them much attention.

Thomas thinks it's time to do the right thing. He asks Nyah on a date at Café Carousel - Joie Délicieuse would be ideal but it's too expensive for his student budget.

After the dinner he takes a little box out of his pocket and hands it to Nyah.

"Nyah, I wanna spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?"

Nyah says "yes" of course and they're officially engaged. They're gonna wait until Thomas graduates to get married but this is a clear sign for everyone that they're in this for the long run.

It's a beautiful night so after the date Nyah says she'll walk home because her parents' house is so close to the restaurant. Thomas refuses to let her go by herself so they walk hand in hand to the Fieldings' house.

Meanwhile Brooke has realized that being friends with her professors won't help her through college if she doesn't do some work as well. She heads off to the Faculty of Arts to meet other art students and to tone her skills.

Even though Brooke is not a drama student she can't resist the call of the stage so she performs a small monologue for other students.

She also plays the drums in the music room for a while. The other students seem pretty hopeless with musical instruments so she soon escapes the noise to the faculty library. She decides to work on an assigment now that she's surrounded by books about art.

Brooke meets Greg who has just started college and is a fellow art student. They sort of know each other from high school so Brooke invites him over to the dorm to meet the others.

From that moment on Greg and his dorm mate Tom are regular guests at the Greenleaves Hall. Patsy already knows Tom since he's dating her little sister Dixie so they have plenty to talk about.

Tom and Greg live in the Bluebell Hall. Tom is quite a serious student but Greg takes it easy. He finds it hard to concentrate on his studies when he thinks about the fact that his girlfriend Erin will soon give birth to their baby!

The supervision in the dorms is ridiculous. The guys have their girlfriends over all the time although the rules say that overnight guests aren't allowed.

Tom can't really afford to take Dixie on a proper date somewhere fancy so they eat at the dorm cafeteria. Dixie might as well get used to the cafeteria food since she'll start university next year.

Greg wouldn't become a father as a 19-year-old freshman if it was his choice. But it's happening and he'll just have to deal with it. He likes Erin a lot but the idea of parenthood at his age scares him. And the idea of meeting her father scares him even more. They'll have to meet eventually since Greg has promised to be there when Erin gives birth. She's been so brave during this whole thing that he wants to support her.

Greg is making a few euros by working in the cafeteria whenever he has some free time. He's been reading about babies on the internet lately and he's horrified after learning how expensive all the items are. Any extra money is warmly welcomed.

  • Title from "Always on my mind" by Petshop Boys
  • Patsy, Camryn and Thomas are one semester away from graduation. Thomas will be 25 when he graduates and this will mark the end of "old students". From now on my sims will start college at 19 and graduate at 22. Patsy, Camryn, Alexa and Brooke will graduate at 21 since I accidentally sent them to college one year too early.
  • In case you're wondering how Brooke performed her monologue: It's all thanks to pfish's mirror with an invisible back. I placed one on the stage using the moveobjects on cheat so my sims can train their charisma skill and it looks like they're performing.


  1. Wow, I'm curious why Erin and Greg wanted to have a baby so early. Are they family sims or something? It's easier to write about when the pregnancy is accidently, but when it's intentional then you're wondering...what were they thinking?

  2. I think your dorms must be run by the same people who run my dorms - definitely some lax supervision going on there!

    I'm glad Greg's sticking around with Erin, even if he is terrified! And I hope Max isn't *too* hard on him!

  3. Apple Valley, I have no idea what Erin was thinking! Maybe she got inspired by her big sister Nyah who also got pregnant or something. Erin is a knowledge sim but she initiated the "try for baby". I just watched with horror!

    Max and Greg haven't really met since everything has happened very quickly for Erin and Greg. They went from being acquaintances to soon-to-be-parents in a few sim hours!

  4. Oh, wow, I didn't realise it was so quick! I think Greg's definitely in for a grilling!

  5. He walked by her house and I made her greet him, hoping maybe they would get interested in each other. But I sure as hell didn't expect this LOL!