Wednesday, 2 September 2009

The Hayes-Myerson wedding

Round 9: Summer 2011

Alexandra Hayes is 37 and Quinn Myerson is 35.

The summer has been hot as hell but it starts raining right before Alexandra and Quinn are preparing to exchange their vows. They won't let a little summer rain bother them though. Alexandra has told Quinn that she doesn't want to change her last name since she doesn't want to use a different last name than Aaron and Ethan. Quinn tells his bride that he will become Quinn Hayes so their whole family uses the same last name.

They have a very small ceremony with only the immediate family present. Thomas brings his girlfriend Nyah with him and Vicki's work colleague Ryker sort of invites himself to attend the wedding.

Vicki is so touched that Alexandra decided to wear her old wedding dress and veil. The whole wedding feels like a déja vu since it was raining when Vicki and Patrick got married.

Alexandra and Quinn aren't throwing much of a party. They just talk with their guests for a while before heading back to the house.

No honeymoon for the happy couple before the baby is born so they spend their wedding night in their old bedroom. Grandma Vicki takes care of the twins for the night so the newlyweds can enjoy their night in privacy.


  1. What a wonderful wedding......isn't it crazy how the weather will be dry until you're trying to do something outdoors?!

  2. Aw, what a beautiful wedding! I like the family tradition being passed down in the form of the wedding dress too.

    I somehow missed that you had a pair of brothers named Aaron and Ethan. I do too!

  3. Beautiful wedding, lucky couple since rain is supposed to be good luck on a wedding.

  4. I found it funny that it started raining. I had already decided that Lexie would wear Vicki's old wedding dress and veil. The rain pretty much completed the "déja vu" feeling.

    Carla, I noticed that you had Aaron and Ethan when I read your latest birthday post. Apparently we go hunting at the same naming websites LOL