Saturday, 19 September 2009

Red cape

Round 9: Spring 2012

Back row (l-r): teacher Rianna Midlock (42), Stephen Marlowe (11), Zach Whitfield (8) and Finn Harris (7).
Front row (l-r): Dawn Whitfield (8), Josh Cooper (7) and Lilly Fielding (7).

All the kids are familiar with school work so they start their english lesson right away. Rianna usually makes the kids read out loud one at a time so that she can be sure that they all can read properly.

Rianna wishes that she will be able to buy some violins and a piano so that the musically gifted students can play. It would also be great if there was a public pool in town so she could take the kids swimming.

The children play at the playground on every recess. Dawn and Lilly seem to be quite comfortable playing with the boys although they usually say that boys are stupid. Their opinion may change in a few years.

  • Title from "Red cape" by Priscilla Ahn
  • A very small update because there's not much to do around the school. For some reason the kids are obsessed about having pillow fights even though the school rules don't allow them.
  • There will be more kids starting school next year: Frieda Robinson, Aaron and Ethan Hayes and Rianna's own daughter Emily. We'll need another teacher who will most likely be Patsy Greene who graduates from college later this (sim)year.


  1. The school looks great! Their school picture is adorable. Why did I never think to do that? My last school update for the round went up today so it'll have to wait until 2013-14.

    The kids are adorable. I never noticed Finn Harris before but he's going to be an interesting looking Sim when he's older, I think!

    I love that backboard you have up in the second picture, with all the kids' work on it. Do you remember where you got that from?

  2. I thought the school picture would be a perfect way to introduce the students. I used the in-game pose in the sims' self-menus for the kids (and apparently for Rianna too since she has that huge smile on her face).

    The backboard is part of the "Kidz Rool" pay set at Simplan-X:

  3. With the self-menu poses, at least they look at the camera!

    Thanks for the link!