Tuesday, 8 September 2009

She wolf

Round 9: Autumn 2011
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Thomas Marlowe is 24, Patsy Greene and Camryn Mitchell are 20, Alexa Harper and Brooke are 19.
(Nyah is 25 and Charlie is 17).

Brooke throws another party. It's a nice excuse to see Charlie and all her other friends who are still at high school. This time the party contains less teenagers kissing and more dancing.

Patsy and Camryn take over of the romantic part though. They're not much into dancing but they do enjoy PDA's a lot. Dixie isn't much of a party person either, she'd rather play chess downstairs.

The next day Thomas and Alexa talk about their majors. Alexa feels like she needs a big change in her life. Maybe changing her major would do the trick.

After some consideration she ditches the idea of changing her major. Instead she decides to take on a fitness regime to get back in shape. She's happy that she's the only one using the pool at Brixton Fitness Center on her first time there. She doesn't want anyone to see if she makes a complete fool of herself on the diving board. Swimming is great though and she spends an hour in the pool before going upstairs.

From that moment Alexa is a regular visitor at the gym. It's not as bad as she had thought once she gets used to all the exercise machines. The treadmill is her absolute favorite.

It's nice to relax in the hot tub after a gruelling workout. If only Will was there with her...

She gets company of Rick Benson. At first she feels a bit uneasy soaking in the hot tub with practically a stranger but they soon start talking about their studies.

Thomas and Nyah haven't seen each other much after their date and the last time they talked on the phone she sounded a bit strange and said she had some news for him. He tries to ask her what's wrong but she says it's not something you can tell on the phone. She comes over and tells him the big news: she's pregnant. At first Thomas is a bit worried about how they'll handle it, him still being in college and her starting a new demanding job but mainly he just feels really happy. He's going to be a dad!

Another semester has passed. Thomas, Camryn and Patsy start their senior year.

Patsy (junior) - 3.5 GPA, Psychology
Camryn (junior) - 3.1 GPA, Mathematics
Thomas (junior) - 3.8 GPA, Literature
Alexa (sophomore) - 3.5 GPA, Philosophy
Brooke (sophomore) - 3.7 GPA, Art

  • Title from "She wolf" by Shakira
  • Dixie's boyfriend Tom and Erin Fielding's boyfriend Greg will start college in Spring 2012. There's no room for them in this dorm so I have to move them somewhere else. I haven't decided yet whether I'll make two separates updates or if I try to squeeze it all into one. I have plenty of time to think about that.


  1. Maybe the new crop of freshmen will cause some of the upperclassmen to open a sorority/fraternity. I wouldn't mind either way with a long update or two shorter updates.

  2. I'm glad Thomas took Nyah's news well. It would certainly be a lot to take in when you're still in college!

  3. I doubt there will be a sorority/fraternity anytime soon in Brixton. I like playing my students in dorms or in small houses. None of them are rich enough to buy a big house either.