Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Happy Birthday, Winter 2017

Phoebe Vu is expecting her first child with fiancée Samuel Lind. The baby is due in the spring so Phoebe and Samuel really should get started decorating the nursery.

James Cooper, the youngest child of Grace and Sam, is celebrating his 1st birthday. He most definitely has his mother's nose.

James's neighbor Jesse Midlock turns 4 this winter. The elementary school's grade system has been changed so Jesse will start pre-school this year.

There is a bunch of kids starting high school this year and Josh Cooper is one of them. He wants to become a Game Designer so a college degree won't be necessary for him but on the other hand college would be a great place to meet a lot of girls.

Finn Harris also turns 12. He wants to be rich and famous and what better way to do that than having your own cooking show on tv.

Lilly Fielding will join Josh and Finn in the 7th grade this year. She wants to follow her sister Nyah's food steps into the world of education one day.

The Greene triplets have graduated college and now they leave the campus life behind and step into the real world.

Charlie graduated with 3.3 GPA. He now lives in Wellington in one of the units in Rochester Grove Apartments, next door to his ex-girlfriend Brooke. He works as a Print Shop Apprentice but is constantly looking for a job in the Adventure career.

Dixie was able to maintain a 4.0 GPA all through college and graduated with Summa Cum Laude. She and her boyfriend Tom have bought a small house in Allerdale. Dixie got a job in the Oceanography career right away and currently works as a Sea Lice Research Assistant.

Janie graduated with 3.5 GPA and is actually still living in the Brixton University campus. She moved in with her boyfriend Danny who still has two years of college left. Janie works as an assistant in the university administration.

A new addition to the playable NPCS. Niall Christiansen, Liv Harris's boyfriend, graduated from college and now lives in the same building with Charlie and Brooke.

  • As always, more info on the teenagers and graduates can be found in their profiles.


  1. Happy birthday to the birthday boys and girls and congratulations to all the graduates!

    Lilly turned out so pretty. No surprise really, as she has good genes!

    I love Josh...what a cutie he is!

    It feels like Niall has been in and around Wellington for a long time! I think I remember asking about his hair not long after you started the blog.

  2. Carla, oh yes, Niall has been around since day one! I thought it was about time to let him out of the limbo LOL I'll also change the names and appearances of my other dormies because I'm sick of seing the same ones over and over again!

    I think all the new teens turned out quite well, I was a bit worried about Finn but I think he's cute too.