Monday, 8 March 2010

Playable NPCs

The playable NPCs are usually either ex-partners of my playable sims, current partners who aren't serious enough to move in with my playables yet or townies who have fallen in love on their own via ACR.

I play the households every round and sometimes take pictures and post them on tumblr. All big announcements (engagements, marriages etc.) will be made in the Wellington Gazette.

Phoebe (b.1994) and Samuel Lind (b. 1991) live in the Grayson Hill Brownstones in Wellington with their children Paloma (b. 2017), Jasper and Tessa (b. 2021). Samuel works in the military and Phoebe is a teacher at Wellington High School. Phoebe's a former Bohemian and Samuel's a former Gearhead.

Niall Christiansen (b. 1995) is Liv Harris's ex-boyfriend and graduated from college in 2017. Niall works in the Athletic career and has been chosen in the All Star team. He recently got engaged to actress Libby Williamson (b. 1999). They live together in Exmoor.

Nicholas Thayer (b. 2000) is Eve Midlock's ex-fiancé. He graduated from Brixton University in 2021 with a degree in Literature. He works as a Stand Up Comedian. Nicholas's fiancée Astrid Moseley (b. 2002) graduated from Brixton University in 2024 with a degree in Philosophy. They currently live in Exmoor and have a baby boy Jensen who was born in September 2025.

Rhys Gallagher (b. 2000) and his sister Rory (b. 2005) lost their parents in a car accident in 2021. After the tragedy Rhys and Rory felt like they needed a change of scenery so they moved to Allerdale in 2023. They are the proud owners of Allerdale Equestrian Centre.


  1. You're a better person than I am, I ending up playing my NPC's. ROFL I'll pop in to age them up or something, and end up playing them for 2 simdays. Good thing I don't have many right now.

  2. Who knows, I might end up playing my NPCs too! Probably not the single ones because I find single sims a bit boring to play sometimes. I'm already planning to play Phoebe and Samuel for a while before the end of this round to see if they roll any wants to get engaged or married or to have babies.

  3. I don't have too many playable townies-only two at the moment, Lainey and Anthony. I'm like Riverdale though, I do tend to play them from time to time especially if they have interactions with a playable sim. I haven't had townies fall in love on their own yet, so I'm looking forward to that.

  4. They're both adorable! Do you use CC default face templates? If so, whose?

    I've only had one case of townies falling in love on their own. I was playing a legacy family, and a man and woman from the welcome wagon got all hot n heavy on their own in my founder's house! I made them selectable, and they were 3-bolters! So I moved them in to get them married, and acelerated a few pregnancies to see what their kids looked like. Very adorable. I ended up clearing them off via Simblender rather than moving them out, so that they will stay townies. I'm still debating if I will have playable townies in Laurel Crossing.

  5. Oh, fun! Phoebe and Samuel are a cute couple. I guess if things keep going well with Erin, Toby might get to be a real playable sooner or later!

  6. Apple Valley, I don't have a strict rule against playing my NPCs, I just don't intend to write proper updates for them. It's very likely that I'll play Toby too so that Erin can visit his apartment.

    LaToya, I use terrakosmos's face templates. I've used them for years because I like them very much. You can find them here:

    Carla, I think Toby has a good chance to become a real playable. This also means that Greg Newman will become a playable NPC since he's no longer romantically involved with Erin.