Saturday, 13 March 2010

Scared to death

Round 11: Summer 2016
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Ryland and Jackie Whitfield are 65, Zach and Dawn are 12.
(Stephen is 15.)

Narrated by Zach Whitfield

The school's out for the summer but I've been hanging out with Nena Kirby a lot. She's a few years older and supercool!

I got my first kiss from her. Dawn says that she only kissed me because she had a fight with her boyfriend and was bored but I don't think so.

Dawn is always on the phone with one of her friends. I don't know what they talk about but she does giggle a lot. Mom and dad bought us both our own cell phones because they said that having a teenaged girl in the house means that the phone line will be busy all the time.

Dawn's supposed to take care of the cooking while dad is at work and mom is at the restaurant. I had to pretend I was dying of starvation because she just kept babbling on the phone something about new clothes. She's a good cook though when she actually gets something done.

Stephen asked me to come over and I let Dawn tag along. We went to the new sports park because it was so frigging hot.

The place was pretty crowded but the pool is quite big so there was room for everyone. It started hailing after a while so we had to go inside. The storm was over quickly and we headed off to the basketball court.

I was so embarrassed by Dawn. She kept prancing in front of Stephen in her teeny tiny bikini.

We've all been friends for years now but I don't think I've ever seen Dawn act like a total lunatic before. She even jumped on Stephen's arms and she called him "Stevie"! I don't think anybody - even his mom - has ever called him that.

Luckily she met some of her girlfriends so Stephen and I could play basketball for a while.

I told Stephen he shouldn't be so nice to Dawn.

"You know, she's just gonna get crazy ideas in her head" I warned him.

"She's just messing with you, dude" he said. "She's always trying to wind you up." I wish she would just stop.

She did behave pretty well for the rest of the evening. We stayed until 20pm but then we had to get back home before mom called the cops on us.

I totally confronted Dawn the next day.

"Why did you have to act like that yesterday, you just made a fool of yourself. You looked like you could kiss him any minute" I said.

"So what if I wanna kiss him. Are you in love with him or something" she said with a huge grin on her face.

"Why would he want to be with a stupid kid like you? Besides I heard he's got something going on with Cassie Hooper" I said. I felt bad right after I had said it because she stormed out of the room and I think she was crying.

Mom is making us do stuff around the house because she doesn't want us to laze off the whole summer.

After we had cleaned up the house and worked in the garden we asked if we could go to Generation X. She got this horrified look on her face.

"You're too young to go there" she said. "Maybe in a couple of years your father and I can consider letting you go there."

Great. Everyone else in our school will probably go there and we're the only ones trapped in our house with an over-protective mother. I know she's just worried but honestly what could possibly happen to us there?!

What's even more boring is that dad brings home some politician dude everyday after work. Then he and mom have drinks with the guest and Dawn and I have to play the piano and make sophisticated conversations like trained monkeys. I think they're deliberately trying to ruin our lives!

  • Title from "Scared to death" by HIM
  • I had so much fun writing this update from Zach's point of view. I had something else in mind at first but the story kind of wrote itself.
  • Dawn and Stephen have 3 bolts but she's way too young to date so they'll have to wait a couple of years. They had their first kiss autonomously but it didn't really fit into the story. I'm sure it would've really disgusted Zach LOL.


  1. Zach is a hoot and Dawn...omigoodness. At first I thought her swimsuit (which is very cute, BTW, it's hard to find teen swim stuff) was see through, then when they were sitting, I thought Dawn was flashing Steve, but then realized that she had on shorts-not a skirt, like I thought. Then of course Zach and Nena kissing. I wonder if she was bored.

    I wonder why Jackie doesn't want the kids at Gen X, did something happen there?

  2. Apple Valley, Dawn's bikini is not a see through but it's still quite revealing for a 12-year-old. I imagine that she has had a crush on Stephen for some time already but she's still too young for him even though their both teens now.

    Nothing has happened at Gen X, I just find that "worry" animation so hilarious that I wanted to include the picture. And I kinda see Jackie (and also Stephen's mother Vicki) as over-protective mothers since they both had their youngest kids at quite an old age. Jackie was 43 when the twins were born and she's just worried that something might happen to her kids if they hang out with older kids.

  3. Oh wow, Zach - a kiss from an older woman! Somehow I'm not sure if Nena is all that interested in Zach though!

    Dawn and Zach are so funny together. I love Dawn teasing Zach and how Zach is just so embarrassed by his sister. They must be a riot to play.

    Is that Anna's makeover of the Spark! Sports Park? I have that in my game too. So much better than the original.

  4. Carla, I don't think Nena is very interested in Zach, most likely she was bored like Apple suggested.

    Dawn and Zach are a lot of fun to play! I haven't had teenaged twins in my game since Grace and Jack Robinson so it's been nice.

    Yup, that's Anna's makeover. I haven't played the original much and don't really remember what it was like but I love this one.