Friday, 12 March 2010

Lot tour: Café Carousel

Summer 2016

Café Carousel is owned by Jackie Whitfield who also works as the chef. Jackie has owned the restaurant since 2006 and it has become quite a popular place.

Café Carousel is located in the centre of Wellington, next to the Town Hall and close to the residential area. It's a small place but can hold up to 18 customers at once.

Jackie has had the same employees since she started running the place. Laura Mason is the hostess and Carole Clarkson works as the server. Jackie is very proud of her staff - they're always so friendly and effecient and that attracts more customers to the restaurant.

The dining room has two tables for four and three tables for two which keep Carole quite busy. Jackie is hoping that in a couple of years her daughter Dawn will start helping in the restaurant which would ease up Carole's workload.

Some customers just want to have a quick lunch so they sit by the counter which is close to the open kitchen while others sit in the dining room and take time to enjoy their meals.

Jackie's kitchen is the heart of Café Carousel. She cooks every meal like she was cooking for the Queen of England.

  • I promised I would start posting lot tours soon!
  • You can tell that I built the restaurant since it's just a square and doesn't have any landscaping. It's built on a 2x1 lot so there's not much room for outdoors decorations anyway. I think someday Jackie might want to build a second floor and maybe start renting the place for parties such as weddings.


  1. Yay! Finally those lot tours have started. It was a great way to wake up this morning and read about the cafe. I love it, it's darling. Yes, it's square with no landscaping, but that can be fixed easily with the addition of a few bushes and some bump-ins, awnings and fences.

    You know with these lot tours, eventually you'll have to update the tour of Wellington as well since you've been doing a lot of building since then.

    Hmm, maybe I should start with some lot tours as well.

  2. Very cute. I would never have guessed that it was on such a tiny lot.

  3. Thank you both :)

    Apple Valley, I actually took down the link to tour of Wellington because it's so outdated that the hood doesn't look anything like that anymore. I'm planning to post fresh pictures of the hood as well. I've been playing a lot this week!

    I kinda like the restaurant being just a square, it looks pretty good with the fancy windows and the sunflowers.

    Riverdale, thanks. I love using tiny lots but it's difficult to build on them. I'm glad the restaurant doesn't look too crowded.

  4. I'm awful at building on tiny lots - I think too big and then run out of space. The cafe looks very spacious though. Like Riverdale, I would never have guessed it was such a small lot.

    I love the whole look of the restaurant. Everything goes together perfectly without looking too matchy. Jackie's done a good job! ;)

  5. Carla, it's tricky to build on tiny lots. That's why everything I build on a tiny lot always end sup being just a rectangular with a door and windows.

    Thank you, I will tell Jackie you like the restaurant ;)