Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Heart-shaped box

Round 11: Spring 2016
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Cal and Elissa Cooper are 54 and Josh is 11.
 (Sam is 38, Grace is 33, Danny is 20, Madelyn and Ross are 5, James is 3 months .)

Narrated by Elissa Cooper.

I can tell Josh is getting closer to puberty as he seems to enjoy spending time alone in his room and doesn't want to play on the playground anymore. He's always playing with that PSP that he got from Danny.

Cal doesn't seem too old to play. The other day I started wondering how long does it take to clean up the bathroom and I caught him playing a pirate in the bathtub! You would expect more mature behaviour from a man at the age of 54.

Cal is great with Josh though. I feel like he's finally grown up to be a responsible parent. For years I felt like I was the only adult in our household but now I've been able to relax more and focus on my career.

I've started writing a sequel to my first novel. Moon over southwest wasn't a massive hit but it sold pretty well and the publishing company wants me to write more. I write about a female detective and the stories are loosely based on my own career in the police force.

Josh practices dance moves when he thinks that nobody sees him. He looks so adorable. In a couple of years he's gonna start bringing home girlfriends and I will no longer be the #1 woman in his life.

Sam and Grace came over with their kids for a sunday brunch and Danny happened to come for a visit at the same time. I'm glad we bought a bigger dining table - and even now we couldn't all sit down for a meal together!

Josh and I got acquainted with James while the others were eating. It's so great to have a new baby in the family. I still sometimes wish we had another baby but I'm too old for that now.

We were all very surprised when Danny told everyone to relax while he cleared up the table. He's always been kind of a slob and I don't think he ever cleaned anything while he still lived at home. But I guess we have Janie to thank for this. She and Danny are planning to rent a house on campus after she graduates so that they can live together. She's probably told him to start doing his share of the chores.

Cal seemed just as charmed by James as I was. It would be great to see our grandkids more often but Sam and Ben and their wives all have busy careers so they can't visit us very often.

Poor Josh was exhausted after entertaining Madelyn and Ross for hours. I found him sleeping on the bench on the playground - apparently it was too noisy to nap in our apartment.

  • Title from "Heart-shaped box" by Nirvana
  • I moved in a couple of playable NPCs after I had played the Cooper family. Somehow the lot got buggy so I had to move everyone out and bulldoze the lot. I replaced it with a fresh copy of the same building so the Coopers will continue living in the same apartment. Unfortunately I forgot to add the kitchen appliances and bathroom items before moving everyone back so now any apartment townie that moves into the building won't have a shower or a kitchen! Darn it!
  • One more update coming before the Summer 2016 birthdays.


  1. Ack! I hate when I do that. Before when I forgot to add the shower and stuff I would move everyone out to add them. Now, I just leave it. LOL

  2. Riverdale, I hate it too. I forgot that I had modified the building after I downloaded it. Oh well, I can use the simblender to max motives of the apartment townies. And I'll probably fill the building with playables anyway so it won't be a problem, just an annoyance.

  3. Wow, Cal still playing in the bathtub. Sometimes sims are so funny.

    The flowers on Elissa's desk, are they from a MAXIS stuff pack?

    Question-how do you pick out your simmie's names.

    That sucks about the apartment building. I've been having too many issues with my apartment buildings so now most of my sims have moved to actual houses. They're giddy with all the extra space :P

  4. LOL, I guess you're never too old to play in the bathtub! ;)

    Aw, it's so sweet how everyone loved getting to spend time with the baby. I love when extended families get together and meet the new babies. :)

  5. Argh, I've done that with apartments and it never fails to irritate me! LOL.

    I love the picture of Cal and James together. So sweet.

    Josh is growing up so fast - not long until he's a teen!

    Following on from Apple's question, I'd like to know how you pick your Sims' names too. I'm a bit of a name nerd and I always wonder how other people name their Sims.

  6. Apple Valley, the flowers on the desk are from the IKEA sp.

    Nowadays I use Hook's RandomStuff program for anything that needs "randomising". I've written a huge list of both girl names and boy names that I like and I use the program to give me two names (first and middle). I add names to the list whenever I see ones that I like. Note that this is for first child only. For younger siblings I use nymbler.com so that the names match.
    Hook's program is at MATY: http://www.moreawesomethanyou.com/smf/index.php/topic,8253.0.html

    Shana, I love seeing the families together. I plan to have more family reunions in the future because it's so nice to see everyone together.

    Carla, I'm getting more and more annoyed with apartments because you can't change them after you've moved someone in. I might bulldoze this one completely because I found nice makeovers of Maxis lots from Anna's Sims.

    Josh will age up to teen next winter along with Lilly Fielding and Finn Harris. I feel like bursting into song and singing "Sunrise, sunset" LOL

    Check out my answer to Apple about the naming process. I'm a bit of a name nerd as well ;)

  7. I know and apartments are so exhausting to decorate - multiple bathrooms, multiple bedrooms, multiple kitchens! Argh!

    I never thought of using Hook's program for names but you know I'm totally going to write up a name list now. I'm enough of a nerd that I'm hugely excited about doing that! I use Nymbler for siblings too.

  8. Carla, I'm glad I'm not the only one who enjoys this kind of nerdiness LOL! I have many different files in the RandomStuff folder that I just rename whenever I need to use them. I have my ROS file there and also the name lists, aspiration, majors etc. I love that program!