Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Feeling good

Round 8: Winter 2010
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Kurt and Olivia Robinson are 54, Jack is 27, Frieda is 2 and Paige Harper is 26.

Narrated by Paige Harper

Jack and I have been talking a lot about our impending wedding. Originally we wanted to get married in the summer but now we both feel like there's no reason to wait. We don't want to have a huge reception with lots of guests, just our families.

We decided we're just gonna do it this winter. Kurt promised to take care of the food so now I just have to find a dress and we're ready to go.

Jack's little sister Frieda is the cutest kid! She has just started to learn to walk and she's like a little hurricane when she gets on her feet. Olivia just laughs and says that Jack and Grace were exactly the same when they were kids.

Frieda can turn into a little monster sometimes but I guess that's normal.

I've started to get to know her better. I figure I need the practice for the future. Jack and I haven't exactly talked about having kids since we're still so young but I know I want at least one child.

I'm a little worried about Jack. He spends almost all his free time in the greenhouse. He goes there in the morning before he goes to work and straight back in the evening when he comes home. I keep telling him he needs to rest too.

Olivia asked me whether I'd like to come to the Farmer's Market and help her out. Of course I wanted to. I have my own career in the military but I'm willing to help with the farm whenever I can. She made me work the cash registry and although it was quite difficult I also kind of enjoyed it.

I think I did pretty well since Olivia gave me this big hug when we closed the shop. She said she's happy that Jack found such a nice girl. I almost started crying!

Our wedding day! We got married upstairs. We hang a beautiful cloth on the wall for a nice background.

All our beloved people were there: Kurt and Olivia, mom and dad, Grace and her boyfriend Sam and of course my sisters Alexa and Brooke.

Our first kiss as a married couple. I think for a moment I could see the panic in Jack's eyes but hopefully he'll get over it.

Everyone seemed to enjoy the party although it was very low key. I whispered to Grace that she's the next when she hugged me. She just smiled. She and Sam aren't engaged yet but I have a feeling they might join us in the marriage club quite soon.

I guess all that dance training in elementary school wasn't in vain! Everyone seems pretty impressed by our first dance as a married couple.

We're quite a good looking couple, aren't we?

  • Title from "Feeling good" by Muse
  • Paige and Jack tried for a baby right after the party ended. No luck so far but they're still so young that they have plenty of time.
  • The Farmer's Market is really tiny and I might build a new bigger one now that the family could actually afford to buy it. The customers are pretty much bumping into each other when they move around the shop.


  1. Wonderful update, congrats to the happy couple.

    How big is your farmer's market? My last one was 3x1 with outdoor space for booths and a small place for a wedding.

    How did you get that ending pose? I've seen it a lot but have no clue how it's done.

  2. Awww Paige and Jack are so cute! Congrats!

  3. Thanks :)

    AV - the ending pose was done by using a custom hack object (or whatever it's called). I think it's by Decorgal but I couldn't find it on her site anymore.

    I know that Squinge has a similar kind of mod, it's called Hula Dance or something like that.

  4. Oops, forgot to answer to one question. The Farmer's Market is really tiny: it's on a 1x1 lot so there's only room for a counter (for the cash registry) and a few shelves for the vegetables.

  5. Aw, 1x1 is pretty small, but it's still do-able. I'll email you some pics of a farmer's market I did on a 1x1 lot. It's more like an overgrown planter's shack vibe and has outside booths as well.

  6. Yay, a wedding! Paige makes a gorgeous bride!

    I think the hack used to get the ending shot is actually from Sims 2 Movies by Jaydee, if anyone's still looking for it. Here's the link:


    It's under MMHELP and it's the Photo Poses Animbox.

  7. You're right Carla, that's where I got it. I've had it for ages so I forgot where I had downloaded it from. Thanks :)