Friday, 31 July 2009

Sex on fire

Round 9: Winter 2011
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Patrick Marlowe is 64, Vicki is 60, Stephen is 10, Alexandra Hayes is 37, Aaron and Ethan are 3 and Quinn Myerson is 35.
(Bobbie and Alexander are 60 and Thomas is 24.)

Narrated by Vicki Hayes

Patrick retired last year so he looks after the twins while Alexandra and I are at work. I think he's really enjoying his new role as a grandfather.

I've been really worried about Alexandra because she's been pretty depressed after Carlo's death. I was very happy when she invited her old college friend Quinn Myerson for dinner one evening.

I could tell they were more than just friends by the way they looked at each other. Alexandra later revealed to me that they had actually lived together for a while in college before she fell in love with Carlo and they've been dating again for some time now.

It didn't take long before Alexandra asked Quinn to move in. She suggested to us that they could get their own apartment but we said it would be lovely if they lived with us - if they can tolerate a couple of old kooks under the same roof.

Quinn proposed to Alexandra on Valentine's Day. I think it was sweet that he first asked me and Patrick if it was ok for him to marry our daughter. We said yes of course. He's such a nice young man and he treats Alexandra like a princess.

I've been thinking about retirement a lot lately. My health isn't what it used to be and it would be nice to take things easy. I think I would be perfectly happy taking bubble baths, walking the dog and spending more time with my family without having to worry about work stuff.

Donna is getting old too. I hope she still has a few years left because the kids love her so much. I know we'll all be devastated when she passes away.

Stephen is not a little boy anymore. At first I thought he'd be good company for the twins but he says he's too old to play with babies. He'd rather watch tv with Quinn and Patrick. He also takes care of the fish in our new aquarium.

The twins are such a joy. Alexandra has taken some time off work to spend more time with them and Quinn helps her every way he can. I'm glad to see she's not alone, I know it's not easy being a single mom.

It's been snowing so heavily that I don't feel like going out if I don't have to but Patrick and Donna won't let snow slow them down. You would think they're both too old to play but they're still out there in the snow every day.

We've been seeing Bobbie and Alexander more often nowadays. They're both still working and I know Bobbie is so ambitious that she probably won't retire until someone forces her!

Thomas was also home for the weekend. I wish he'd come over more often but I understand that he's busy with his studies and also wants to see Nyah. I haven't seen her since Thomas went to college but he told me that she's living with her parents until he graduates. I asked whether they'll live here or with the Fieldings but Thomas said that they're definitely getting their own apartment.

Now we're all just anxiously waiting for the wedding. Alexandra and Quinn want to get married in the summer but they haven't decided yet if they'll get married at home or the park.

  • Title from "Sex on fire" by Kings of Leon
  • Vicki didn't age up very well, in fact she has a bad memory of it so she probably doesn't have many years left.
  • I had planned to finally get Alexandra together with Benjamin Barnes but she decided otherwise. I saw her re-kindling her romance with Quinn on round 8 while I was playing the Harris family so obviously they're meant for each other. Who am I to stand in the way of true love?!
  • I decided to start the family portrait thing because it looks so nice. But it was a pain to get all the sims in this household organized for the photo so it's not very good but it'll have to do.


  1. Retirement, I don't have many simmies that opt for it. Maybe as this generation ages up, so far my current elders both work in non-traditional jobs-one owns an art gallery, the other is a pastor, so it's not like they can retire anyhow. *shrug* It seems only yesterday that Vicky had just moved in with her sister and look, they're now elders! Wow, does the time pass quickly!

    How quickly do you play? One round a week? Month? Day?

  2. It feels strange. As I've said before I've never played any hood this long so it feels really weird that my oldest sims are turning elders!

    I can't really say how quickly I play because it depends on so many things. I try to play when I have time. I played round 8 pretty quickly because I'm on vacation and it was raining a lot. I'm going back to work next monday so updates won't come as often.

  3. Aw, I was hoping Alexandra and Quinn would get back together after their little cameo in the other post. She deserves some happiness in her love life!

    Do you use those OMSPs from MTS2 that came out a few months back for your portraits? If you don't, you definitely should because they make placement of Sims a lot easier, even though they can be a bit fiddly too.

  4. I couldn't separate Alexandra and Quinn again because they obviously want to be together. It's nice to let the sims decide who their future spouse is going to be.

    I do have the OMSPs but I don't know why it didn't occur to me to use them for this portrait. I'll definitely use them for the next ones.