Sunday, 26 July 2009


Round 8: Summer 2010
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Max Fielding is 54, Regan is 46, Nyah is 24, Erin is 15 and Lilly is 5.

Narrated by Nyah Fielding

Our house feels a bit crowded sometimes. We "kids" all have our own rooms but sometimes I feel that's not enough. I can't wait for Thomas to graduate from college so we can move in together.

It's been such a hot summer that it's practically intolerable. Thomas and I lied on the curb outside one night because it was too hot to stay inside.

I've been helping dad with the shop lately. He had hired some guy but apparently he's totally useless. I don't mind helping though, it's not like I want to concentrate on my career or anything.

Dad's been renovating the shop a lot. He's now mostly selling expensive instruments and some posters of the coolest bands like Imminent Death.

Denise came to visit me. I can't believe she's the first of us to get married and have a baby! She found it hilarious that I'm working as a Tarot Card Reader and asked me if I really believe in that stuff. I said I'm too much of a sceptic for that! She said I should consider becoming a teacher since more and more kids are being born in this town.

Denise is on maternity leave right now but she said she'll get back to work next year. She and Ben just have to find a new apartment because the tiny flat gets on their nerves. "We can hardly fit our bed and Riley's crib in there, there's no room for anything else really."

I'm very worried about Erin. I saw her cuddling this guy one day! I don't really know him but he must be at least 35 - which is way too old for my 15-year-old little sister! I just don't know what to do. I know that if I tell mom and dad they're gonna freak out big time.

I overheard a conversation between mom and dad and Erin when they were having dinner. Erin asked if she was too young to get engaged! I could see the utter horror on mom's face! And I felt exactly the same. Thomas and I haven't even talked about getting engaged yet and we're both grown-up and have been dating for years! I hope mom and dad put a stop on this nonsense!

  • Title from "Breathless" by Corinne Bailey Rae
  • I don't know how it happened but Erin has a huge crush on Benjamin Barnes! Usually I imagine all townies being about 19-22 years old so the age difference wouldn't be that big of a deal but Benjamin has been around since Alexandra Hayes was a teenager so he would be about 38. Erin will just have to find her some other man! I already have a few candidates in mind :)
  • I'm almost done with round 8, I just have two more households to play. We had some relatives over this week so I wasn't able to play but now I'm completely living and breathing sims again ;)


  1. Wonderful! I can't wait to see the happy couple together.

    I honestly like the Erin and Benjamin storyline. Yea, he's way too old, but is it love? Maybe after she graduates and become legal then. It would cause a huge scandal, but what hood doesn't need a bit of scandal every now and then.

    The music shop is too cute, I noticed that you have different shopping bags.

    *drool over the posters* WCIF??

  2. I think Erin just has a crush on Benjamin. She actually met someone younger but more of that on my next update (university). She's still so young that she doesn't have to settle for the first guy she sees.

    I use default replacements for the shopping bags, I've been meaning to change back to the original ones though.

    The posters are actually by yours truly. I wanted some simmish posters so I created a band in another hood and took some pics. I might upload them somewhere if I have the time.

  3. *runs around the house screaming like a teenaged girl over the drool worthy band posters while hubby stands to the side and swirls finger around his ear, then swoons and faints on the cat which was watching in disbelief*

  4. LOL! I'll upload them somewhere tomorrow :)

  5. Ha, is this ACR at work again? 15 and 38 is definitely too great an age difference, at least right now!

    Those are very cool posters! Before I left, I was meaning to convert some real life music posters into Simmish versions but I got lazy. :p You may have inspired me to give it another shot.