Monday, 6 July 2009

Let me know

Freshman Year (Narrated by Nyah Fielding)

I hadn't met Grace before we all moved into Brixton Academy. She seems really nice though.

I was able to claim one of the two rooms that has a double bed. And of course I had to invite Thomas over so we could test it. It was the first time we were together without our parents watching over us. I just wish he would have been able to start college at the same time but I guess we'll have to wait a few more years before we can start our life together.

I chose Philosophy as my major. I don't have any big career plans so I thought that it would be a good basis for life. Some of the other Philosophy majors are a bit funny. I swear this guy never takes off that mascot costume!

Grace is a real studyholic but I guess it makes sense. She says her parents worked so hard to get the money for her tuitions that she doesn't want to let them down by slacking off.

We managed to pass our final exams without any problems so we though a little celebration was in order. The weather was quite warm so we relaxed by the pool and Denise even grilled some hot dogs. I can't believe we've already completed our freshman year!

Sophomore Year (Narrated by Denise Whitfield)

The beginning of our sophomore year went pretty much as you would expect. Studying, studying and studying. But then after the first finals Paige had some news for us: She got engaged! To Grace's brother! I didn't even know they were dating. I don't know Jack very well but according to rumors I think Paige will need eyes on her back to make sure he doesn't stray! I think even Grace was a bit shocked to hear the news even though she immediately hugged Paige and congratulated her.

We decided we needed a night out to celebrate Paige's engagement and the fact that we had passed yet another final exam. Since there are still no nightclubs in Brixton we headed off to Twilight Zone in good ol' Wellington. Paige tried to hide behind the menu when she noticed her dad was there.

We danced in the upstairs disco for a while but then decided to head back downstairs and get high on the bubble blower. What is it with our parents going to nightclubs?! This time it was Grace's dad who caught us "in the act". I would probably die of embarrassment if my parents came here - they're too old for nightclubs!

We started feeling a bit peckish on our way back home so we popped in Betty's Diner for some late night snack. I think it was about 6 am when we got back home. Grace and I had classes in the morning and needless to say we weren't feeling too good. But hey, you only go to college once in your life so you might as well enjoy your time there!

I hadn't seen Ben in a while so I called him and asked whether he would want to come over. He said he'd jump into a taxi right away.

After a little something-something he had to get back home because he had to go to work in the morning. I wish we could spend more time together but then I keep telling myself that soon we'll be together all the time. He still doesn't believe I'd be willing to live in that little apartment of his but all I care about is being with him.

I could get really annoyed by Grace if I didn't like her so much. The woman is a machine! If she's not studying then she's reading some medical article or working out because apparently an aspiring doctor needs to be in better shape than Superman.

Junior Year (narrated by Paige Harper)

I think everyone was quite shocked when Jack and I got engaged - including Jack and I! My parents said we're too young but they were about the same age when they got engaged!

Jack is so much fun to be with. And I think he really loves me despite of all the rumors about all the other girls he's been seeing.

The girls are always laughing when they hear me practice for debates in front of the bathroom mirror. I still have my goals set on a military career but I really enjoy the political part of history too.

We've become really close friends over the years so we usually go out together. Our favorite place in Brixton is The Old Tyme Pub. Usually we go in so late that the kitchen is closed but we can always get snacks and soda from the vending machines.

We love the darts board. The poker table rarely has vacant seats but Denise can usually talk her way into the game.

Don't get me wrong - we take our studies seriously. Most nights you can find Grace on the computer and Nyah reading some book. I've started to play chess to learn more about strategy. Denise is the only one who doesn't study as hard but somehow she has managed to maintain a good GPA.

Senior Year (Narrated by Grace Robinson)

I know that the senior year is going to be quite hectic so I decided to start it by relaxing. I took a nice bubble bath and then I called Sam and asked him out on a date. We agreed to meet at Café Carousel and have dinner.

Sam told me that he's going to move out of his parents' house and get his own apartment. He asked whether I'd like to move in with him after graduating! I said I'd love to. We'll probably have to rent a really small place at first but that's ok.
After dinner I asked him to come to the dorm with me and maybe spend some quality time together. Denise and Nyah are nice enough to "rent" their room for me and Paige since they have double beds and we don't.

The girls' soccer team coach is a bit insane. She comes to the dorm every now and then and makes everyone exercise! It's pretty hard to concentrate on your studies with all the shouting and whistle blowing! You would think she has more sense than harassing students who are taking their last exams the next morning. We usually just ignore her.

I have to say I'm very proud of us. We all graduated with good grades and now we're ready to leave Brixton. In a way I'm sad that our time at the campus is coming to an end but I know we'll keep in touch.

We decided to take one more course after graduation - a parenting class! You know, just in case. Nyah took the class during her sophomore year. I wouldn't be very surprised if she gets pregnant pretty soon.

Aren't we a good looking quartet?! This photo was taken on our last night in Brixton right before we all headed off to different directions.

  • Title from "Let me know" by Róisín Murphy
  • This was a huge update but it was nearly impossible to make it any shorter. I tried to make it even mildly interesting by concentrating on what the girls were doing when they weren't studying.
  • They've all moved back to Wellington: Nyah moved back home with her parents, Paige moved to the Robinson farm and Denise moved in with Ben. I moved Grace in with Sam and they're now living in the same apartment building with Denise and Ben.
  • The next batch of students are ready and moved in: Thomas Marlowe, Patsy Greene and her girlfriend Camryn Mitchell (former townie). As usual, I'll play them at the end of the next round.


  1. Nice idea to have each girl narrate a different year! It was fun to read each of their perspectives.

    I can't believe these girls are already old enough to have graduated college though! They grow up so fast!

    By the way, where did you get Nyah's hair? I'm always on the look-out for more short styles for women.

  2. The kids grow up so fast! And their parents are getting older, I have a bunch of sims turning elders on round 8.

    I think Nyah's hair is from Garden of Shadows
    I've downloaded a lot of hair styles from there lately. I'll see if I can dig up the link to that thread :)

  3. Found it:

  4. Thanks! I find so many of these styles they make for guys often look better on girls and this is one of them! I would never have guessed this was a M2F hair.

    Was Carlo your first death in Wellington? It looks like he might have some company soon. It starts to go that way once more elders start cropping up.

  5. Carlo was the first death but I have a feeling he'll get company pretty soon. I guess I have to build a cemetary.

    Many of the male haircuts are too girly for my taste so I'm always happy to find M2F conversions.

  6. It was cool to see the different years from different perspectives! It'll be interesting to see how they all branch off now that uni is over.

    Glad to see your back and your new pc is working well!