Monday, 13 July 2009

Until I die

Narrated by Camryn Mitchell

Patsy and I live in the same dorm with her cousin Thomas. He's a few years older but he starts college at the same time with us. They're constantly punching each other which seems a bit weird for me. I don't have any siblings or cousins so I'm not really used to that kind of stuff.

I don't really know Thomas but he seems like a nice guy. And he seems to take his studies very seriously which I can totally relate to. I'm a bit of a workaholic too.

Thomas is the only boy in the dorm, all the others are girls. So far I've only talked with Teri but I guess we all get to know each other since we'll be living under the same roof for the next 4 years.

Patsy and I have been such good girls and have studied hard so we decided we needed a night off campus. We went on our first proper date and the Merry-Go-Round seemed like an obvious choice. It's the place where we met outside school for the first time.

We had dinner in the restaurant upstairs and then we headed to the dancefloor. We even entered a dance contest but of course neither of us won because we're pretty useless dancers. The money would have been nice though.

Meanwhile Thomas had stayed at the dorm and written his termpaper. He's even more of a workaholic than me! He had relaxed with a nice game of pool later.

We came back home and snuck up to my room. We made love and it was beautiful. It was the first time for both of us but I can assure you it wasn't the last! We slept in each other's arms the whole night.

Patsy told me later that Thomas had seen her sneaking out of my room in the morning and he was acting all weird when they happened to have breakfast at the same time. He wouldn't even sit in the same table with her.

She finally confronted him and wanted to know if he was homophobic or something. He said that it was nothing like that. Seeing us together had just made him miss his girlfriend even more and that he wouldn't have been very good company. Patsy told him to get a grip and go to Wellington to see Nyah.

Patsy (freshman) - 4.0 GPA, Psychology
Camryn (freshman) - 4.0 GPA, Mathematics
Thomas (freshman) - 4.0 GPA, Literature

  • Title from "Until I die" by September
  • Although university in Finland usually starts in September, I decided to have the first semester in the Spring and the second in the Autumn so it'll be easier to fit the university schedule into the main hood calendar. I'll do the same with the elementary and high schools.
  • I'm trying to pay more attention to the sims' wants especially in college so that they don't all end up having 4.0 GPAs. Camryn and Thomas are both knowledge sims and they constantly get wants to do assignments and write termpapers. Patsy was heading for a much lower grade but then she got the want to be friends with her professor and that maxed up her grade.
  • For now I'm playing the students semester at a time in order to keep the updates short. I might change to playing 2 semesters at a time if it's more convenient in the future.


  1. It's really hard not to have them be perfect isn't it? My sims in college live in a sorority house and most of them still have 4.0s! Poor Thomas, I hope he gets to see his girlfriend soon!

  2. I agree with the whole perfect 4.0 and watching thier wants. Right now, my uni students are vastly different, one wants to throw parties all the time and the other wants to write term papers all the time. They're headed for two different paths-a graduation with honors and getting kicked out of school.

  3. I've never had any sim get kicked out of university. I don't think any of my sims has ever been on academic probation either! Hopefully I can get more variety in their grades this way.

  4. I usually just go by personality. Sims like Sade O'Hanlon aren't about to excel when it comes to academia, LOL! Poor Sade.

    I always love your interiors, they are so bright and awesome!

  5. Patsy and Camryn are really sweet together. I'm glad they're happy.

    Heh, if you want to mix your Sims' grades up a bit, going by their wants is definitely the way to go! I find many still get 4.0s but you also get the lazy bums who flunk out completely!