Saturday, 5 September 2009

The sound of silence

Round 9: Autumn 2011
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Max Fielding is 55, Regan is 47, Nyah is 25, Erin is 16 and Lilly is 6.
(Thomas is 24 and Greg is 18).

Nyah visits the City Hall to check out the job openings. She's been working in the education career for a few months now as a substitute teacher but she'd like to get a steadier job. She finds out that the town will finally get its own high school and she decides to apply for a job there.

During the weekend she calls Thomas and asks him out on a date but they end up spending the entire day in bed. It's hard living so far apart from the one you love and they don't see each other very often since Thomas needs to concentrate on his studies.

Lilly brings home her first grade report with all grades A+. Max is so proud of their little girl and promises she'll get her own violin now.

Regan feels like her teenyears are here again. She stays up late reading science books and then drinks gallons of espresso to stay awake during the day.

Nyah is much more relaxed about her career. Surprisingly she has been offered the position of headmistress at Wellington High but she hasn't given her answer yet. She's not at all sure if she could pull it off. She would be only a few years older than her student and that could be a good thing or lead to a complete catastrophy.

Erin urges her to get the job. "Having a young teacher who remembers what it's like to be young is much better than someone who has one foot in the grave!" Nyah is more and more convinced that she should accept the offer so she calls the school authorities and tells them she'll do it. They tell her to get a full check up from her doctor so that they can be sure that she's physically capable to do the job.

Speaking of Erin, it seems that she has forgotten her inapproriate crush for Benjamin Barnes. She's known Greg for some time but they never got to talk until a few days ago. They're not officially dating or anything but they do enjoy spending time together. Max and Regan are quite happy that she's seeing someone closer to her own age but they hope it doesn't get too serious.

Erin has different plans though. She sneaks into Nyah's bedroom with Greg and the rest is history. Lucky for them they don't get caught in the act.

The spark between Regan and Max is still going strong even after 26 years together. The kids aren't so excited to see their parents making out in the kitchen or anywhere for that matter. Lilly uses the technical term "yuck" and Erin usually runs to her room whenever she sees her parents showing affection to each other. "Mom and dad, it's gross to see old people make out!" she yells.

Lilly is already very interested about college although she's only 6 years old. She keeps asking Nyah about term papers and final exams and getting on the dean's list. Their conversation is cut off by Nyah's mobile phone.

She gets the results of her check up from her doctor and the news pretty much blow her mind. She's pregnant! It's still very early but the result is unquestionable. She will become a mother next summer.

  • Title from "The sound of silence" by Simon & Garfunkel
  • Greg doesn't have a profile yet (hence the dead link) but I'm moving him to college next year along with Dixie Greene's boyfriend Tom.
  • Nyah and Thomas tried for a baby autonomously. As said, they'll become parents in the Summer 2012. Thomas will still be in college but he'll graduate in the Autumn 2012 so they'll get to live together then.


  1. Oh, wow, that would have been a shock to go in for a physical and find out you're pregnant!

    My Betsy had the same problem when she became principal. She was a little older than Nyah but still only 32. She did well though and I'm sure Nyah will too.

    Have you finished your school yet? When will we get to see it in action? Can you tell I love snooping at other people's schools?

  2. The school is finished, I built it sometime ago. I'll pop in today to see if it needs any work and I'll take some pics while I'm there :)

    I'll probably play the school for the first time in Spring 2012. Nyah will be in her third semester by then but I'll use maxmotives so she won't pass out LOL

  3. Yikes-she's pregnant! Congratulations :P That photo was so cute of them making out with her leg up in the air. I've never seen that animation before.