Saturday, 26 December 2009

Farmer, 58, dies in freak accident

by Kalie Jayapalan, Summer 2014

Allerdale resident Olivia Robinson, 58, passed away in a freak accident at her home farm. She was repairing a computer when she went into cardiac arrest caused by an electric shock. Family members rushed to help but she could not be saved. Olivia Robinson leaves behind husband Kurt, son Jack, daughters Grace and Frieda as well as grandchildren Todd, Madelyn and Ross.

Olivia Robinson with husband Kurt, son Jack, daughter-in-law Paige and daughter Frieda in 2011

Olivia Ramona Robinson, née Rodriguez, was born in 1956. She moved to Wellington in 1981 with her husband Kurt and the two settled on a farm in Allerdale. Olivia Robinson dedicated her life to her family and her farm. She became a pioneer in organic farming, using only natural resources to enhance the crops. She sold most of the products directly to customers via Farmer's Market but also provided fresh vegetables and fruit to local restaurants.

  • Olivia's death was completely unintentional but since I've made the decision not to plead with the Grim Reaper there was nothing I could do. May she rest in peace.
  • I don't have any sims in the journalism career at the moment so the obituary is "written" by the OFB reporter.


  1. Oh, no, poor Olivia! I really feel for Frieda, losing her mother so young. :(

    I was wondering who Kacie might be! I thought maybe she was a townie in the journalism career but you'd have to be even more anal than me to keep track of townies' careers!

  2. Oh, how sad. I hate but I also enjoy those unplanned eaths. Adds more spice to the game! I hope her family recovers from her death soon.

  3. Carla, I've been thinking about going through the townies in SimPE and track down their careers. Haven't gotten around to do it yet though LOL

    Riverdale, in a weird way I thought it was ok that she died. This is only the 2nd death in Wellington in about 40 (sim)years! I guess it was about time it happened.

  4. How sad for the family, especially Frieda to not get all those years with her mother. I hope good things happen for this family from here.