Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Round 10 summary

Births: 3 (Jesse Midlock, Jett and Kyra Marlowe)

Deaths: 1 (Olivia Robinson)

Engagements: 1 (Camryn Mitchell and Patsy Greene)

Marriages: 1 (Camryn Mitchell and Patsy Greene)

Break-ups: 1 (Erin Fielding and Greg Newman)

Graduations: 2 (Alexa Harper, Brooke Harper)

New residents: 0

Total population: 61 (30 females, 31 males)
Babies: 2
Toddlers: 8
Children: 11
Teens: 3
Adults: 31
Elders: 6


  1. I'm jealous of your almost exactly balanced gender ratio! Mine is way off, LOL!

  2. I was surprised to see that it's that balanced. I don't know why but I was under the impression that there is more male sims in Wellington.

  3. I'm totally green over that balance too! I knew I was on a big girl streak, but I had NO idea how bad it was until I finally added it all up last time.

    This round had a little of everything in it.