Sunday, 6 December 2009

More than that

Round 10: Spring 2014
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Brooke Harper is 22, Greg Newman is 21 and Charlie and Janie Greene are 20.
(Danny is 18.)

Janie is pretty shocked to learn that Danny knows all about her affair with Greg. And he's not too happy about it. It's not like they were serious or anything but they did go on several dates before Janie went to college.

Janie is able to lure her way back into Danny's arms quite easily though. What more do you expect from a hormone-driven 18-year-old guy?

Greg is not pleased to find Janie in bed with Danny.

He lets her have a piece of his mind. How can she sleep with another man right in front of him?!

"Don't you think you're being a hypocrite", Janie asks. "After all it was you who wanted to end things between us. So don't come crying to me now that I've moved on!"

After that evening Janie and Danny start seeing each other every now and then, usually ending their dates at the dorm.

Danny never stays the whole night though. She might think that everything's ok between them but he's not ready to forgive her just yet. But if she wants to sleep with him, who is he to stop her?!

The atmosphere in the dorm is icy. Janie and Greg try to avoid each other but occasionally they happen to be in the cafeteria at the same time. They keep staring at their plates and completely ignoring each other. That's still better than the shout fests they had some time ago.

Brooke and Charlie don't want to get involved in this stupid dispute between Greg and Janie so they've mainly stayed out of the dorm. Charlie feels bad for his sister but then again it's her own fault she's in this mess. Nobody forced her to sleep around. Brooke and Charlie have been hanging out either at Dixie and Tom's house or at the library which has been good for their studies. They both get A+ and Brooke finally graduates!

"I'm gonna miss you so much", Brooke sighs. It's been so nice to live together but now she's going back to Wellington. Charlie is feeling quite blue but he's trying to put on a happy face.

"Don't worry baby, just wait a couple years and we'll be together for good."

Greg and Janie happen to return from their final exams at the same time. All this heartbreak and turmoil has done some serious damage to Greg's motivation and he's put on academic probation. Janie on the other hand continues to get A+ grades. It seemed impossible but they might be able to reconcile. Not wanting to end the semester in such bad terms, Greg apologizes to Janie for any harm he may have caused. Janie doesn't say anything at first but she can't deny it.

"It wasn't all your fault, you know. I'm just as guilty as you are. I just wish it never happened. You and Erin, me and Danny... that's how it's supposed to be. I hope we haven't missed our chances for happiness for good."

  • Title from "More than that" by Backstreet Boys - yes I sometimes listen to BB and I'm proud to say it out loud ;)
  • Brooke graduated with 3.2 GPA. She's still in the family bin because I'm looking for new apartment buildings. I'll move her in somewhere when I find an apartment building that I like (or build one).
  • This was a pretty drama-filled episode. Who knows what the next semester will be like?! Greg and Janie are furious at each other and she was very eager to slap, shove and poke him. If they appear on a community lot at the same time it's very likely that they'll start fighting.


  1. Oooh, so much tension! Janie's face in the last picture is priceless.

  2. The dorm is starting to feel like a battlefield. Towards the end of the session Janie was constantly trying to poke or shove Greg and I kept cancelling the actions. I don't want them to break into a full-blown fight. I feel bad for poor Charlie having to live there too.

  3. Wow that's a lot of strife on one lot. I can imagine it did feel like a battlefield. There's a lot of emotions at play here, and a lot of bad decisions.

    Hopefully everything can cool down, and they can start all begin to move in a direction that isn't so destructive.

    I'm surprised that Greg had such a fit over Janie, since he ended things with her. I guess he wants the best of both worlds?

  4. I think you're right about Greg. He wants to have his cake and eat it. I was surprised as well when he got so furious but it fit into the story very nicely.

    If things don't cool down I can always move one of them out of the lot. And who knows, Greg might flunk out seeing that he's on academic probation and really doesn't want to learn new skills.