Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Learning the hard way

Round 10: Autumn 2014

Principal Nyah Marlowe is 28.
Danny Cooper is 18, Liv Harris is 16 and Stephen Marlowe is 13.
Townie students: Veronica Andrews, Calista Morgan, Nico Morris and Jay Winters.

Nyah wants to concentrate on gradework this school year. After some whining and grining from the students they finally settle at their desks and get to work. Nyah has the patience of a saint and she's always fair but she can be one tough cookie if the students start rebelling too much.

Danny is released from gradework since he's already been accepted to Brixton University and his grades couldn't get any higher anyway. Nyah is pretty proud of this kid. For years it seemed that he wouldn't get to go to university because his parents were quite poor and also because he never really worked to get those scholarships but now he's well on his way. Nyah gives him a book on art history to read since she knows that Danny is quite interested in that sort of stuff.

Liv has felt quite lonely at school ever since Erin went to college. The other two girls are so childish and she's not very interested in being their babysitter. It'll be even worse next year since Danny won't be there anymore. She'll be surrounded by these stupid kids all day!

There's still one thing about school that Liv truly enjoys: the new music room. Nyah has divided the students into two groups, one group studies music and the other works at the arts and crafts class.

Liv is lucky enough to be in the same group with Danny and Stephen who both are very good players. After Nyah sees and hears that they can play the basics she lets them play whatever they want. They immediately start practising some pop and rock songs.

Nyah is exhausted after running between two class rooms but she's delighted to see that the students are working even when she's not in the room.

  • Title from "Learning the hard way" by Gin Blossoms
  • I thought it was about time to start using the music room even though there's only three instruments. The school is just one customer loyality star away from going up one rank so they'll get some money then.
  • This is the last time you'll be seeing Veronica, Jay, Calista and Nico. I'm giving them new names and changing their appearances. No, they haven't joined the witness protection program, I'm just sick of seeing the same teen townies over and over again ;)


  1. I love it when teens think they've out grown the other students around them. Little do they know that college life isn't what it's cracked up to be. LOL

  2. I thought it was so funny the way Liv was looking at them. Like she was thinking "OMG they are so childish". Poor thing, she'll be the oldest student next year LOL

  3. Ha, poor Liv! College can't come soon enough for her!

  4. College is coming sooner than Liv expected. I've decided to send my kids to college when they turn 18. That way I can have a proper school system with grades. So she will only have to survive one more year at Wellington High.

  5. Aww, the high schools are so cute. I'm glad Liv will be able to leave soon, she's much too mature.

  6. Your high school looks great. I love the unique paintings too.

    That's good new for Liv to get out of there faster. She's going from the top of the pole to the bottom though when she starts college. Will she be there the same time as Erin?

  7. Erin will be a junior when Liv starts college so they can study together for two years.