Monday, 28 December 2009

With my own two hands

Round 10: Autumn 2014
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Tom Patterson is 21 and Dixie Greene is 20.

Tom and Dixie had a bit of a scare in the summer because Dixie thought she might be pregnant but it turned out to be a false positive. While they both want kids eventually, they just feel that the time isn't right for babies. They're both making relieved phone calls to their closest friends to let them know that things are back to normal.

"We have to be more careful in the future, babe" Dixie laughs. There's still a part of her that is kind of disappointed. There could be worse fates than having a baby with the man you love.

They decide to put this baby business behind them and concentrate on something else. They've been thinking about ways how they could raise enough money to buy a house after graduation. Dixie finally comes up with the idea of restoring wrecked cars. Tom knows someone who knows someone who sells them his old car.

Dixie is much more experienced in the tinkering activities so she's supervising their projects. Tom doesn't mind taking advice since he's pretty new to this car restoring business.

Studying and restoring cars is taking its toll on Tom. It's easier for Dixie who pretty much finished all her assignments and term papers right in the beginning of the semester. Tom doesn't understand where she gets that energy.

Dixie A+ (GPA4.0)
Tom C+ (GPA 3.2)

  • Title from "With my own two hands" by Ben Harper
  • Dixie wasn't actually pregnant but I figured after the way they've been trying and trying for a baby in the past few semesters it wouldn't be a surprise if she had a "scare". I've decided I won't take her off birth control while she's in college. It would just seem out of character if she got pregnant while she was still a student.


  1. I love love love this couple. They are so cute and their tiny apartment is darling. Did you build their apartment?

  2. Dixie is one of my favorite sims and Tom is a sweetie. Yes, I built the apartment. I needed something small and affordable for my students.

  3. I'd love to see a tour of their apartments. I always find it hard to build small affordable, but not dingy places for my sims to live.

  4. Be careful. Sometimes that birth control doesn't work! LOL You have to keep an eye out for the 1%, or maybe it's just my game.

    I love the restoring old cars. I'm glad they have the space to do it. Hopefully they will be able to get the money up to buy a house before graduation.

  5. Not just your game, RB! If BC was 100%, Josh Royce-Nihill wouldn't exist!

    Dixie and Tom are adorable. I love the intro pic. They'll make money in no time with those restorable cars, if they manage to fix up a few of them.

  6. PS: I opened up this entry before I left the house today but didn't get a chance to read it. I've had the Ben Harper song running through my head all day, LOL!

  7. Apple, I'm planning to post some lot tours in the future. I'll make some maps of the hood and also give tours around some of the buildings.

    Riverdale, I actually used the moveobjects on cheat to put the car in the backyard. There's no room for driveway on their teeny tiny lot.

    Carla, I've had that Ben Harper song in my head all day too after it played on my launchcast radio.

    I know that BC isn't 100% but I'm keeping my fingers crossed LOL! At least they've stopped trying for a baby but they still woohoo more frequently than rabbits!

  8. That is one attractive couple. I can't wait to see what their children look like