Friday, 10 April 2009

Paid in full

Round 5: University (Alexandra)
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Narrated by Alexandra Hayes.

I got tired of hanging out at the dorm all the time so I decided to visit our faculty building - it's the Faculty of Sciences and it's for students who major in either Biology, Mathematics or Physics. They have all kinds of cool gadgets there and I was very eager to try out the Biotech Station.

I thought I might as well work on my assignment while I was there. I don't enjoy living in the dorm very much so I was in no hurry to get back there.

I took a short astronomy course and got really excited about stargazing. I even bought myself a telescope which I'm totally taking with me when I move out of here.

I finally got tired of the slobs in the dorm and rented a small house in the campus. This will be my home sweet home for the last two years in college.

I invited my family over for dinner and I could tell that mom and Patrick were pretty impressed. Mom said she loved the house and Patrick said I shouldn't have any problems getting a job in the Gamer career after graduation.

Little Tommy ain't so little anymore. Mom told me he even has a girlfriend! He seems to be quite interested in sports but he says it's just a hobby.

Quinn has been complaining about his roommates so I finally gave in and asked him to move in with him. I'm not sure where this is going though, I feel I'm too young to make a serious commitment.

It soon became obvious that it was a mistake to move in together. He spends hours watching tv and I'm just bored! We haven't even had sex yet and he just doesn't seem interested - or interesting.

I'm beginning to understand that Quinn is definitely not the one for me. Especially since I met Carlo. He's just so charming and handsome. And when I kissed him it was like a bolt of lightning. Quinn saw the whole thing and he didn't even flinch.

I finally told Quinn that it was over. He seemed to take it pretty well after the first shock. I never imagined I would become a serial heartbreaker but this is the second guy I've dumped and I'm only 21! Quinn moved out but in the end he didn't seem too heartbroken about it. We actually promised to keep in touch and he wished me good luck with Carlo.

During my senior year I started painting again. Maybe I'll even try to sell some of my stuff to a gallery some day.

I asked Carlo out for our first official date. I'm pretty busy with my studies at the moment - trying to maintain that 4.0 GPA - so he came over to Betty's Diner and we had a nice meal together. He walked me back home and acted like a true gentleman.

So that's it. I graduated and now I'm on my way back to Wellington.

  • Title from "Paid in full" by Sonata Arctica
  • Actually things were going pretty well for Lexie and Quinn but I noticed she had 3 bolts for Carlo which is very rare for my sims. And also I prefer getting my sims together with townies because I don't wanna make new dormies. Carlo's a Romance sim though and even had a short fling with Lexie's aunt Bobbie so we'll see how this goes...


  1. Awww, poor Quinn - dumped! Should've have paid more attention to your girlfriend, Quinn!

    I'm a sucker for 3 bolt relationships. I can't help but let them develop.

  2. I regretted moving Quinn in immediately when I saw Lexie's 3 bolts for Carlo. This is probably the second 3 bolt relationship in my hood, the first was Ryland and Jackie (they still have 3 bolts despite of what has happened).

    I turned Quinn back into a dormie, I didn't see any point in leaving him as playable.