Sunday, 15 November 2009

Winter 2014 birthdays

Nyah Marlowe has started to feel very uncomfortable towards the end of her pregnancy. It feels like the twins are having an neverending football match in her belly. Her back aches all the time and she can't even pick up her 2-year-old daughter Skye because her belly gets in the way.

Finally! One crisp winter morning Nyah goes into labor.

She and Thomas have a boy and a girl, Jett Asher and Kyra Ashlyn.

Sara Midlock turns 5. She's already very anxious to start school because her big sister Emily makes it sound so much fun.

You could easily think Sara and Emily were twins, they look so much alike.

It seems that 4-year-old Riley Cooper has inherited his father's bad eyesight. Riley will have to wait another year to start school. He's happy about that because he'll have more time to play with his little brother Liam.

Stephen Marlowe leaves childhood behind him and welcomes teenage! His aspiration is Popularity and he wants to become the Head of SCIA someday.

Aaron thinks his uncle is so cool!

Erin Fielding turns 19 and moves to Brixton Academy with her little daughter Iona. She hasn't decided what she wants to study yet but lately she's been thinking that she might want to become a teacher like Nyah. Erin and Iona live in one of the family housing units in Brixton.

Alexa Harper has graduated from Brixton Academy and is back home living with her parents. She doesn't have any clear career plans so she's taken a job in the Paranormal career as a Tarot Card Reader.

  • Stephen is towering over Aaron in the pic because I hadn't modified his height yet. He's a bit shorter now since he's only 13.
  • I might change Erin's aspiration because she just doesn't seem like a knowledge sim to me anymore. She mainly gets family and fortune related wants so I might make her a Fortune/Family or Family/Fortune.
  • I've gone through all sim profiles and changed them a bit. I'm pretty sure Carla will soon ban me from her blog because I use so many of her ideas!


  1. Sounds like Erin is telling you she's ready to focus on other things now!

    Riley is so adorable with his glasses. I'm a sucker for kids in glasses. If Finn had got his glasses as a kid, I bet I would have grown much more attached to him much sooner.

    And yay twins! I love the whole family in green - very sweet!

  2. Sarah is so cute! Where did u get her teeth with that darling spacing?

    Love the names on the twins. I hope thing work out with uni for Erin.

  3. Maisie, I'm sorry I haven't answered your question earlier!

    Sarah's teeth come with the skintone. I'm using my own edit of Pooklet's My Poor Lover skintone set. I think those cute teeth are by Oepu, I just added them to the skintones.