Sunday, 8 November 2009

The Greene-Mitchell wedding

Round 10: Summer 2013

Camryn Mitchell and Patsy Greene are both 22.

Camryn and Patsy are checking out the backyard where their wedding will take place next day. It looks quite bare as they simply can't afford to get any flowers or other decorations but the arch and the chairs look really nice.

Their wedding day is warm and the sun shines as they exchange their vows. At first Camryn had thought she'd keep her own last name but then Patsy's father Alexander told her that it would make him very happy if she became a Greene. How could she have refused, especially since in the beginning it seemed that Alexander would never accept her as Patsy's girlfriend?!

The only guests are Patsy's parents and siblings. Charlie and Dixie also brought their partners but Janie came alone. Her love life is a big mess at the moment. Bobbie's sister Vicki wasn't exactly invited but she just couldn't stay away. She loves weddings and she wanted to see her niece on her big day.

You can't really say they had a party. After the ceremony Patsy and Camryn cut the cake but the guests pretty much wandered around and enjoyed the warm weather outside.

May I introduce to you: Mrs. and Mrs. Greene!

I took a bunch of pics of the happy couple and the guests. Hopefully I can turn them into framed family photos.

Random pic:
I made Janie selectable for the wedding pics and noticed that she wants to get engaged to Greg. At the same time she wants Danny to enter college. Make up your mind, woman!

  • Patsy and Camryn both had the want to get married and they both rolled the want to adopt immediately after they got married. It'll probably take some time before they'll get a child though.
  • Sometimes this game does random things the right way. Janie and Dixie arrived in matching dresses so they got the honor of being the bridesmaids (in my head only since EA didn't include that feature in the game).
  • I've always hated the fact that male sims seem shorter than the females. So lately I've been studying Laura's notes and instructions about the stretchskeleton cheat and the Greenes got to be my guineapigs. I've always imagined that Alexander was quite tall so I made him 183 cm (6'0") and Charlie is the same height. Bobbie, Patsy and Dixie are all 171 cm (5'7½") and Janie is the shortest at 167 cm (5'6"). Camryn is the default height at 175 cm (5'9"). I think I'll figure out a "proper" height for all my sims. At least I'm going to modify the toddlers and kids so that the older kids actually look taller than the younger ones. It's not very realistic that 5-year-olds are the same height as 10-year-olds.


  1. I noticed you'd been playing with stretchskeleton straight away! I would have guessed you'd made Camryn taller though - she looks so statuesque next to Patsy. That cheat is so fun.

    What a gorgeous wedding - I'm so happy for these two, especially seeing Alexander seems to have come around. And I love that they both spun the want for a baby.

  2. For some reason I always thought that the stretchskeleton was very hard to use and that you couldn't make the changes permanent. I'm glad I was wrong! I bumped Patsy back to default height during the wedding so that their kiss wouldn't look weird but I think I'll open up my SimPE today and make their height differences permanent.

    Some time ago I was indecisive whether to install the same sex pregnancy mod or just let my same sex couples adopt. I decided to let them adopt, it's more realistic that way. I want to see Camryn's genes on the next generation too though so I'll figure something out.