Friday, 10 November 2006

Brixton University

Founded in 1952, Brixton University is known for its world-class teaching quality and strong links to industry, government and commerce. It is located near Wellington with excellent public transportation to all near-by cities.

The university's eleven faculties offer a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes.

Faculty of Arts

Undergraduate degree programmes
Art History (Art/History)
Ceramics and Sculpture (Art)
Drawing (Art)
Painting (Art)
Photography (Art)

Faculty of Behavioural Sciences

Undergraduate degree programmes
Counceling Psychology (Psychology)
Forensic Psychology (Psychology)

Postgraduate degree programmes
Master of Psychology

Faculty of Business and Economics

Undergraduate degree programmes
Business Statistics (Economics)
Entrepreneurial Studies (Economics)
International Economics (Economics)
Investment and Securities (Economics)
Marketing (Economics)

Faculty of Consumer Sciences
In association with the Faculty of Business and Economics

Undergraduate degree programmes
Cosmetology, (Art/Economics/Philosophy)
Culinary Arts (Art/Economics/Philosophy)
Hair Design (Art/Economics/Philosophy)
Massage Therapy (Biology/Economics/Philosophy)
Tourism and Travel Management (Economics/Literature)

Faculty of Design

Undergraduate degree programmes
Architecture (Art/History/Mathematics/Physics)
Fashion Design (Art)
Graphic Design (Art)
Illustration (Art)
Industrial Design (Art/History/Mathematics/Physics)
Interior Design (Art/History)

Postgraduate degree programmes
Master of Architecture

Faculty of Film and Literature

Undergraduate degree programmes
Acting (Drama)
Creative Writing (Literature/Philosophy)
Costume Design (Art/Drama/History)
Directing (Drama)
Film Studies (Drama)
Makeup Artistry (Art/Drama/History)
Playwriting and Screenwriting (Drama/Literature/Philosophy)
Theater Arts (Drama/Literature)

Faculty of Health and Medicine

Undergraduate degree programmes
Nursing (Biology/Mathematics/Physics)
Pharmaceutical Sciences (Biology/Mathematics/Physics)
Physiotherapy (Biology/Mathematics/Physics)
Pre-medicine (Biology/Mathematics/Physics)
Sports Medicine (Biology/Mathematics/Physics)

Postgraduate degree programmes
Doctor of Medicine

Faculty of Music and Dance

Undergraduate degree programmes
Ballet (Art/Drama)
Conducting (Art/Drama)
Jazz Dance (Art/Drama)
Modern Dance (Art/Drama)
Music (Drama)
Music Performance (Drama)
Music Theory and Composition (Drama)
Voice and Opera (Drama)

Faculty of Science

Undergraduate degree programmes
Astronomy (Mathematics/Physics)
Forensic Science (Biology/Mathematics/Physics)
Microbiology (Biology)
Pharmacology (Biology/Physics)
Statistics (Mathematics/Physics)
Veterinary Studies (Biology/Mathematics/Physics)

Postgraduate degree programmes
Doctor of Science

Faculty of Social Sciences

Undergraduate degree programmes
Broadcast Journalism (Art/Drama/Economics/History/Literature/Political Science)
Criminology (History/Philosophy/Political Science/Psychology)
Education (Any)
Journalism (Art/Drama/Economics/History/Literature/Political Science/)
Library and Information Science (History/Literature/Philosophy/Political Science)
Political Science
Pre-law Studies (Drama/Economics/History/Literature/Philosophy/Political Science/Psychology)
Public Administration (Economics/History/Political Science)
Social Work (Philosophy/Political Science/Psychology)

Postgraduate degree programmes
Master of Education
Master of Law

Faculty of Technology

Undergraduate degree programmes
Artificial Intelligence (Art/Mathematics/Physics)
Computer Programming (Art/Mathematics/Physics)
Computer Science (Art/Mathematics/Physics)
Computer Systems Analysis (Art/Mathematics/Physics)
Game and Interactive Media Design (Any)
Information Technology (Art/Mathematics/Physics)
Web Development (Art/Mathematics/Physics)

  • This is the faculty system for Brixton University. I don't use any custom majors so each of the "imaginary" majors is linked to at least one default game major.
  • Students in the Faculty of Consumer Sciences get education in their chosen field but their education also includes business studies in the Faculty of Business and Economics.
  • Building the university is an ongoing project and I will add photos and/or edit the information when needed.

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