Monday, 30 March 2015

Rivers and roads

Round 16: January 2026
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Jack Robinson is 43, Paige is 42, Todd is 14 and Emma is 5.
(Grace is 43 and Skye is 14.)

Narrated by Jack.

I had to hire a new worker because the cashier I had at Farmer's Market wasn't so thrilled at working on the farm. I'm quite happy about the change though because Paula really seems to enjoy working here and that's always a plus. It's much nicer to work with someone who doesn't complain about getting dirt under their nails or having to stay outside all day. She comes by the farm two or three times a week. We always invite her inside for breakfast first before heading out to the greenhouse.

Monday, 23 March 2015

Happy Birthday, January 2026

Mia Greene turns 12 this year and is one of the three new students in Wellington High School. Mia is very family-oriented but she also has her sights set on a career as an artist.

Friday, 20 March 2015

Christmas lights, 2025

Round 16: December 2025
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Liv Harris is 27.
(Stella is 61, Deacon is 60, Dawn is 21, Finn is 20.)

Narrated by Liv.

I bought this house earlier this year. I gained access to my trust fund when I turned 25 but it took a long time to find the perfect house because I knew exactly what I wanted. This house just clicked the moment I walked in. I had the floors replaced and the walls painted before I moved in. At first it felt a bit weird to have so much space for myself because I had lived in that tiny apartment ever since I graduated but I really love living here.

Monday, 16 March 2015

Happy Birthday, December 2025

Eve Midlock's pregnancy was a huge shock for her and her boyfriend Gabriel. The timing is definitely not perfect but is it ever? They've decided to make the best out of the situation and after the initial shock are quite happy to become parents.

Friday, 13 March 2015

How it goes

Round 16: November 2015

Patrick Marlowe is 78, Alexandra Hayes is 51, Quinn is 49, Aaron is 17 and Jeremy is 14.
(Amabelle is 70 and Ross is 14.)

Narrated by Jeremy.

Ross came out to Maddy and his parents in January. It didn't take long for him to tell me either although I had kind of figured out that he liked boys. I've had a huge crush on him for about two years so when he told me that he's gay I felt like my chance had finally come.

Monday, 9 March 2015

Wellington Gazette, October 2025

More pictures of Niall and Libby in October 2025 @ tumblr.

  • Yup, the unthinkable happened, Niall got engaged! Some time ago he rolled the want to get engaged to Libby. Now he rolled the want to get married to her so I thought it's about time to do something about it. He's 30 years old now and also I just realized that Romance is only his second aspiration so he'd probably want to settle down at some point. He acts so much like a Romance sim that I just kind of always thought that it's his primary aspiration but actually it's Knowledge. I should read my own notes more often. ;)
  • I figured that being celebrities who get their photos taken by paparazzi all the time Libby and Niall would want to make just a simple announcement about their engagement. Also I kind of loved the idea of that picture so much that I really wanted to use it. I've updated the playable NPCs page so you'll see a proper picture of these two here.

Friday, 6 March 2015

Good to me

Round 16: October 2025

Max Fielding is 69 and Regan is 61.
(Patrick is 78 and Amabelle is 70.)

Narrated by Regan.

Max and I are in a really good place right now. We both work a lot less and have more time for each other. Max decided to retire from the tv show and concentrate on Music Maximum. I only work three days a week now so we have plenty of time to spend together.

Monday, 2 March 2015

Bed peace

Round 16: September 2025

Dawn Whitfield is 21, Finn Harris is 20 and Shea is 5.
(Rianna is 55, Denise is 39, Josh and Lilly are 20.)

Narrated by Dawn.

Unfortunately it turned out that Finn is allergic to birds. Soon after we bought Polly he started sneezing and coughing. One morning he woke up with both his eyes swollen. He got tested and he's allergic to birds and rodents which rules out getting a guinea pig as well.