Monday, 30 May 2011

Happy Birthday, Autumn 2021

Phoebe Lind will give birth to her twins by a planned C-section so she and her husband Samuel come to the hospital as scheduled. Doctor Sandra Williams welcomes them and takes them to the patient room.

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Forever man

Round 14: Summer 2021
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Janie Greene is 27, Danny Cooper is 25, Bridget Greene-Cooper is 3, Lucas is 2 and Molly is 2 months.
(Bobbie is 70 and Dixie is 27.)

narrated by Janie Greene

We moved into our own house just before Molly was born. It was furnished with the basics so all we needed to do was buy cribs for the kids. I'm on maternity leave until next year so I'm home with two toddlers and a baby all day.

We had to take up a huge mortgage but I'm still happy that we did it. The house is awesome. It was designed by Danny's big brother Ben who designs most of the residential houses in Wellington nowadays since mom is concentrating more on public buildings. Ben designs nature-friendly houses so part of the electricity that we use is actually produced by our own solar panels.

Sunday, 15 May 2011

That's amore

Round 14: Summer 2021
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Amabelle and Chase Harper are 66, Will is 36, Alexa is 29, Connor and Dane are 5 and Jena is 1.
(Brooke and Toby are 29 and Erin is 26.)

Narrated by Alexa Harper

We moved into a new house this summer. It all started when we wanted to extend the porch in the back of the mansion. We called Ben Cooper and asked him to draw something. He came to see us and checked out the house and found a huge crack in the foundation. He then did some further research and found out that the whole foundation was completely rotten. There was really nothing to be done. The whole house could've collapsed any minute and wasn't safe to live in anymore. Ben said that it would be easier to build a new house than to fix the old one. We didn't want to lose the land so we decided to tear down the old house and build the new one on the same spot. So we lived in an apartment for a few months and let Ben's company do the dirty work.

Dad was pretty crushed because he had hoped that we could keep the mansion in the family for future generations. I was quite sad too but I have to say that I really love our new house. It has so much light and it's much more practical compared to the mansion. And it's the perfect size for our family too.