Tuesday, 31 August 2010

L.E.S. Artistes

Round 13: Spring 2019
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Stephen Marlowe is 18.

After long consideration, Stephen has chosen to major in Psychology. His other option was History but in the end he's more interested in the human mind and especially a criminal one. He wishes to become a profiler for the SCIA someday. In the mean time he enjoys spending time at the faculty building for Behavioural Sciences. He can always find someone to play chess with.

Monday, 30 August 2010


Round 13: Spring 2019
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Liv Harris is 21.
(Niall is 24.)

Narrated by Liv Harris

I travel to Wellington almost every weekend and I usually stay at Niall's apartment. We had a big conversation about our relationship some time ago. I've wanted us to be exclusive for some time but I've been too chicken to ask him what he thinks. Then I finally built up the courage and said that I don't want us to see other people. He said that it's fine by him. So I guess it means that we've taken one little step toward a real commitment.

Saturday, 21 August 2010

Happy Birthday, Spring 2019

Janie has entered second trimester and she's feeling surprisingly good. No signs of morning sickness or swollen ankles yet which is good because she and Danny are in the middle of looking for an apartment since they'll soon be moving back to Wellington.

Janie enjoys strolling around the campus with little Bridget who has just started walking.

  • The Greene-Cooper baby is due in the Autumn 2019 so not much longer to go. You'll see more of the family in Danny's last university update.
  • I'm planning to do a bit of terrain surgery for the main hood and some minor tweaks on the university. And then maybe finally get some proper pictures of the hood and a proper tour around the hood. And I need to write a post about the education and career system since it has gone through major changes. And to do a few lot tours... why do I keep adding more things on my to-do list?!

Friday, 20 August 2010

We rule the school, Winter 2019

Round 13: Winter 2019

Principal Nyah Marlowe is 33.
Students: Dawn and Zach Whitfield are 15, Josh Cooper, Finn Harris and Lilly Fielding are 14.

Zach decided some time ago that he wants to become a doctor when he grows up. He's been spending most of his time in the school library studying. He's feeling like a third wheel anyway, or maybe like a fifth wheel. There are only five students at Wellington High and the other four have their boyfriends and girlfriends in the same school. Zach's girlfriend lives just outside the city border so she goes to a different school. He prefers to look at the books instead of having to watch the cuddling couples.

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Losing heart

Round 13: Winter 2019
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Nyah Marlowe is 33, Thomas is 32, Skye is 7, Jett and Kyra are 5 and Lina is 3.
(Tom is 26, Charlie is 25 and Stephen is 18.)

Narrated by Thomas Marlowe

It can be quite challenging to run a household with four kids. Especially mornings can be quite chaotic but we've come up with a working routine. I usually wake up the kids and help them get dressed while Nyah makes breakfast. Then we all sit down to eat. The kids get to the school bus and I go to work.

Monday, 16 August 2010

If this is it

Round 13: Winter 2019
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Patrick Marlowe is 72, Vicki is 68, Alexandra Hayes is 45, Quinn is 43, Aaron and Ethan are 11 and Jeremy is 8.
(Stephen is 18.)

Narrated by Alexandra Hayes

I got a call to work that Quinn had been in a car accident. He drove to Brixton University that morning to enroll into the master's program. On the way back some lunatic had rammed him off the road! The police caught the guy and he was drunk.

I rushed to the hospital immediately. I guess I looked quite panicky because doctor Grace Cooper grabbed me by my arms and told me that Quinn was doing alright considering the circumstances. I felt a huge wave of relief.