Sunday, 31 October 2010


Round 13: Winter 2020
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Erin Fielding is 25 and Iona is 8.
(Toby is 28.)

Narrated by Erin Fielding

Iona is staying at Greg's for a few days so it's been incredibly quiet around here. I don't usually even bother to cook for myself, I just heat something in the oven. I guess I have to get used to this because Iona seems to enjoy spending time with her dad a lot and she likes Malia too.

Greg and Malia finally set the date for their wedding. They're gonna have a very low-key ceremony in the autumn with just their closest friends as guests.

Saturday, 30 October 2010

Another rainy day

Round 13: Winter 2020
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Ryland and Jackie Whitfield are 69 and Dawn and Zach are 16.
(Olivia is 16 and Lilly is 15.)

Narrated by Zach Whitfield

Our parents bought double beds for Dawn and me as birthday gifts. They said we could take them with us when we move out or sell them to get money.

I'm pretty sure they didn't mean that we could now conveniently have sex in our own bedrooms but that's what I'm doing! I've been wanting to do it ever since Olivia and I started dating but she made me wait until last week. It was worth waiting.

Friday, 15 October 2010

Happy Birthday, Winter 2020

Alexa and Will Harper bring home their new born daughter Jena Caitlin. Their twin boys are excited to meet their little sister.

Monday, 11 October 2010


Round 13: Autumn 2019
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Max Fielding is 63, Regan is 55 and Lilly is 14.
(Josh is 14, Iona and Skye are 7, Jett and Kyra are 5 and Lina is 3.)

Narrated by Regan Fielding

Max and I had a bit of a rough start with Lilly's boyfriend two years ago when our butler caught them making out in the hot tub. Lilly was grounded for a couple of months after that incident but now we allow them to see each other quite often. He seems like a nice guy and they have been dating for two years which is very long for teenagers. We usually only allow him to come over when one of us is home.

Monday, 4 October 2010


Round 13: Autumn 2019
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Alexander and Bobbie Greene are 68, Patsy and Camryn are 28 and Mia is 5.

Narrated by Camryn Greene

Patsy and I have been talking a lot lately about having another child. Mia is already 5 and we feel we're all ready for a new addition to our family. Adopting Mia was a great experience so we wouldn't mind doing it again. We've also talked about other options, mainly artificial insemination. Patsy has always wanted to get pregnant so she would be the one carrying the child.

Friday, 1 October 2010

Happy Birthday, Autumn 2019

Alexa Harper is on her third trimester now but she hasn't been feeling very well lately. She finally lets Will take her to the hospital.