Sunday, 14 August 2016

Round 16 Summary

Finally it's over!

Births: 4 (Janelle Patterson, Rhea Newman, Drake Domingo, Beck Robinson)

Deaths: 1 (Kurt Robinson)

Engagements: 1 (Amabelle Harper and Patrick Marlowe)

Marriages: 1 (Amabelle Harper and Patrick Marlowe)

Break-ups: 1 (Frieda Robinson and Christian Price)

Graduations: 5 (Dawn Whitfield, Zach Whitfield, Josh Cooper, Lilly Fielding, Finn Harris)

New residents: 2 (Kaitlyn Brennan, Gabriel Domingo)

Total population: 91 (47 females, 44 males)
Babies: 2
Toddlers: 7
Children: 17
Teens: 13
Adults: 40
Elders: 12

Saturday, 13 August 2016

Christmas lights, 2026

Round 16: December 2026
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Toby Parker is 34, Erin is 31, Naomi is 3 and Iona Fielding is 14.

Narrated by Erin.

We found out I was pregnant just a few days ago and so far this pregnancy has been terrible! I feel sick and tired almost all day long.

Monday, 1 August 2016

Wellington Gazette, December 2026

by Brooke Greene

Restauranteur Kurt Robinson died at 70 after dealing with health problems for a few months.