Sunday, 30 October 2011

Lot tour: Exmoor Aqua Park

Summer 2022

Exmoor Aqua Park, built in the Spring 2022, is a tropical oasis for the city dwellers. Complete with two pools, hot tubs and a restaurant, it has become a real hit during the summer.

Saturday, 22 October 2011


Round 14: Summer 2022
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Sam Cooper is 44, Grace is 39, Ross and Madelyn are 11 and James is 6.
(Kurt is 66, Tina is 34 and Tim is 1.)

Narrated by Grace Cooper

Our kids are not so little anymore. The twins are independent enough to get themselves and James breakfast after Sam and I have gone to work. In the beginning of their summer holiday I tried waking them up before I left for work but they kept whining about having to get up so early. Now I just let them sleep.

Monday, 3 October 2011


Round 14: Summer 2022
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Jack Robinson is 39, Paige is 38, Frieda is 14, Todd is 10 and Emma is 1.
(Sara is 13.)

Narrated by Frieda Robinson.

Most of my stuff is already in cardboard boxes since I'll be moving in with dad and Tina in a few weeks. They're buying new furniture for me so I'm leaving almost everything behind, taking only my personal stuff. This room will be Emma's room when she grows up a bit.

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Happy Birthday, Summer 2022

Two cousins are celebrating their first birthday this summer.

Tate Cooper...

... and Molly Greene-Cooper.

  • I think they're both adorable. Tate mostly got his looks from Ben although I'm not sure about his eyes. I love the fact that he looks different from his brothers. I think he looks a lot like Lucas.
  • Molly has Janie's eyes and mouth and Danny's nose which is pretty much what I was hoping for.
  • I love the different shades in Pookleted hairs! For example Molly's hair color is red but I'm using Comburent for her since she could have ended up with a blonde hair as well like her big sister Bridget.