Monday, 21 December 2015

Happy Birthday, July 2026

Paige Robinson's pregnancy was difficult at first but by the third trimester she's started feeling really well. She was put on maternity leave quite early on due to cramping and at first she was a bit lost with what to do with all the free time. Now she's learned to appreciate it because she gets to spend so much time with her kids Emma and Todd while husband Jack works in the garden.

Monday, 14 December 2015

How long will I love you

Round 16: June 2026
last update/next update

Tom Patterson is 33, Dixie is 32, Liana is 3 and Janelle is 1.
(Janie is 32.)

Narrated by Dixie.

Tom and I decided it's about time to take a little vacation - just the two of us. On our honeymoon we just drove up to my parents' cabin for a couple of days but this time we decided we needed a change of scenery so we booked flights and a room in a fancy hotel at Shirakawa Village.

Saturday, 21 November 2015

Coming back!

Sorry for being such a crappy blogger lately. Real life has been a pain in the you-know-what but I've finally managed to pull everything together and hope to have a proper update for you very very soon.

Lots of love xxx

Sunday, 4 October 2015

Happy Birthday, June 2026

Eve and her boyfriend Gabriel are ready to welcome their baby into the world. Eve is feeling surprisingly well considering that she's been in labour for a few hours now. Maybe the torture she puts her body through as a ballet dancer helps with the labour pains. Gabriel just tries to support his girlfriend the best he can.

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Heaven knows

Round 16: May 2026
last update/next update

Sam Cooper is 48, Grace is 43, Madelyn and Ross are 15 and James is 10.
(Greg is 33 and Jeremy is 15.)

Narrated by Sam.

Ross came out as gay last year and I'd be lying if I said I was happy about it. I didn't say anything to him about it but I guess he noticed because at some point it felt like he spent more time at his boyfriend's house than at home. I'm okay with it now that I've gotten used to the idea of my son having a boyfriend. Seeing him happy is what matters the most.

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Everything we touch

Round 16: April 2026
last update/next update/Sara's next update

Rianna Midlock is 56, Anthony is 52, Sara is 17 and Jesse is 13.
(Gabriel is 26, Eve is 25, Emily is 18 and Freddie is 16.)

Narrated by Sara.

I love weekends. I get to sleep in, I don't have ballet lessons and I can just unwind. Jesse and I both usually sleep late and then drag ourselves downstairs to have breakfast in our pajamas.

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

School days, April 2026

Round 16: April 2026

Principal: Rianna Midlock
Teachers: Patsy Greene, Quinn Hayes and Lilly Fielding (student teacher)
Students: James Cooper, Connor and Dane Harper and Lina Marlowe are 10, Paloma Lind is 9, Bridget Greene-Cooper and Minka Harris are 8, Brady Cooper and Lucas Greene-Cooper are 7, Jena Harper and Nick and Shea Harris are 6, Tate Cooper, Hanna and Jared Greene, Molly Greene-Cooper, Jasper and Tessa Lind and Emma and Tim Robinson are 5.

Narrated by Rianna Midlock.

We had to renovate the pre-school class room to make room for all our new pre-schoolers. We have eight this year! Luckily Patsy has a lot of experience so she can handle the situation just fine. The kids have gotten used to school by now and she's even able to get them to sit down to do some work from time to time.

Sunday, 13 September 2015

Happy Birthday, April 2026

The initial shock of the surprise pregnancy has worn off and Paige and Jack are excited about welcoming baby #3 into the world. Paige's pregnancy is showing so they've told their kids Todd and Emma who are very happy to get a little sister or brother in a few months.


  • Just a little update to mark the beginning of second trimester for Paige.
  • I have my game open right now so hopefully I get an update done rather sooner than later.

Saturday, 29 August 2015


Round 16: March 2026

(Eve is 25.)

Narrated by Lilly.

It's my senior year and I feel like I live and breath classes, assignments and term papers. The professors warned us about the work load and they were right! We're swamped but at the same time I really enjoy it because I know that next year I'll be qualified to teach - in case I actually get a job.

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Slow motion

Round 16: March 2026

Dawn Whitfield is 22, Finn Harris is 21, Shea is 6 and Josh Cooper is 21.
(Lilly is 21.)

Narrated by Josh.

Dawn and Finn asked me to live with them this year so I could get out of the dorm. I didn't have to think for long before I accepted their offer. I was surprised but Finn explained that Dawn felt sorry for me after hearing the whole story about my roommate-from-hell situation. As much as I hate feeling like a charity case I'm still happy to be able to breath again. Dawn works long hours at her mom's restaurant so it's not like I'm in her way a lot anyway.

Sunday, 14 June 2015

The Liebster Award - Maisie's questions

Here's the third and last part of my Liebster Award answers, these questions are by Maisie at Millwood.

1. What is your favorite part of your sims & your neighborhood?
How it's all connected. All my households know each other in some way. I also like the genetic diversity in my hood although I went a little overboard with redheads when I was creating the first sims.

2. What are you really good at, be in regards to the game, real life, work, anything?
This is a really difficult question because I'm used to thinking that I'm not good at anything. I'd like to think that I'm a good listener when a friend needs someone to talk to. I also think I'm pretty good at my job although I often say that a monkey could do what we do and for a smaller salary LOL. The last time I sang karaoke a complete stranger came up to my table afterwards and told me I have a really good voice so I guess I'm at least a decent singer.

3. How do you relax or unwind after a trying day?
Netflix and naps. It works every time. Taking a walk in the forest also helps but I'm too scared to go there nowadays because we've had sightings of bears!

4. Favorite vacation or vacation you’d love to take?
Probably visiting Rome, Italy with my mom a few years ago. She'd always wanted to go there so I'm happy that I got to fulfill that dream.

5. What projects do you have planned or hope to accomplish for your game?
I would really like to finish my university building project some day. That's my main goal at the moment. That and to actually play and update my blog...

6. How large is your sims CC folder?
3.81 GB. I had no idea it was that big because I'm kind of picky nowadays when it comes to adding stuff to my game.

7. What is your blogging and playing process? (Write first, plan, play first…)
Something in between. Sometimes I plan ahead a lot and sometimes I just let my sims run rampant and sit back to see what happens. Completely unplanned play sessions have become a rarity though because I usually have at least a vague idea of what the update will be about.

8. What is your favorite family tradition ether now, or from childhood?
Picking a Christmas tree with my dad when I was a kid. We have a little forest next to our house and we sometimes walked for hours before we found the perfect one. Then we decorated it together in the morning of December 24th while my mom was making rice pudding.

9. Where do you find your inspiration for buildings (community/residential) that you build/decorate?
I often look for inspiration online. For residential buildings I often use an existing floor plan as a base to help me get started. With community lots I just look at pictures of similar buildings to get ideas. Sometimes I buy gardening magazines in hopes that I'll actually do landscaping some day - either in game or in real life!

10. Favorite pizza toppings?
Ground beef, ham and pineapple.

11. What’s your favorite season in real life and in the sims game?
Probably spring for both. Although I find it really hard to pick a favourite in real life because I love the four seasons we have in Finland.

Saturday, 13 June 2015

The Liebster Award - Fini's questions

Here's the second part of my Liebster Award answers, these questions are by Fini at Newtopia Heights.

1. Who is your greatest writing inspiration? (it doesn’t have to be a sim writer)
I am constantly inspired by other sim bloggers but the two people who inspired me to start writing anything at all were my Finnish teachers in high school.

2. What made you start blogging?
I answered this in my answers to Carla's questions.

3. What are your favorite things to do other than simming?
I love watching movies and tv shows either on tv or on Netflix. I've had Netflix for a few months and it has taken over my life LOL. I also like doing crafts, knitting mostly. I live in the countryside and I love going on long walks in the forest.

4. What influences your writing style?
Mostly the household I'm writing about and especially the sim whose POV I write the update from.

5. Which sims game is your favorite?
TS2 without a doubt. I haven't touched TS1 since TS2 was released, I've only briefly played TS3 and I haven't tried TS4 yet. TS2 has been around for so long and I've built up my game with mods and other CC so it's exactly how I like it to be.

6. Are any of your sims based on someone in real life?
Not really. I do take some tips about how teenagers behave by watching my nieces.

7. When did you start playing?
The Sims when the first game came out. Video games in general, I can't even remember... probably around the time I was 5-6 or something and me and my brother got our first Commodore 64. :)

8. When did you start blogging?
In December 2008.

9. What inspiration have you had from other blogs?
I have gotten a lot of the rules in Wellington from other blogs, either I use them as they are or adapt them to fit Wellington. Often reading other sim blogs also gets me in the mood to play and blog especially if I'm going through a dry spell.

10. Are there any activities in the sims you haven’t gotten to yet?
The whole supernatural world! I've toyed with the idea of a fantasy hood from time to time but I've never gotten around to do it. I doubt I ever will as I don't have enough time to play Wellington let alone adding another hood to play.

11. Where would you live if you could live anywhere?
I'd probably still live where I live now, in a small village in a small town in the northern Finland. But if I had a lot of money I'd renovate our house completely, build a stable and buy a pony! I'm a country girl at heart and can't really see myself living in a big city.

Monday, 8 June 2015

The Liebster Award

I was nominated for a Liebster Award by three amazing bloggers: Carla at Sullivan, Fini at Newtopia Heights and Maisie at Millwood. This was such a lovely surprise and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

It's a pay-it-forward sort of thing, so nominees are supposed to nominate others in turn. These are the rules.

1. Put the award on your blog
2. Thank the blogger who nominated you
3. Nominate 5 to 11 other blogs
4. Answer the 11 questions that were asked
5. Then ask the people you nominate, 11 questions.

Friday, 15 May 2015


Round 16: March 2026

(Tina is 38.)

Narrated by Emily.

Aaron, Frieda and I managed to get into the same dorm and Frieda and I even share a room. It makes it easier to live with a bunch of strangers when there's two people I've known since I was a kid.

Monday, 6 April 2015

For real

Round 16: February 2026

(Zach is 22.)

Narrated by Kaitlyn.

Stephen and I have been living together for a few months now and it's going really well - partly because we don't spend enough time together to fight a lot. I'm on my second year in my doctorate studies and the work load is pretty much insane. I was prepared for it and made a working schedule for myself so it's going alright. There are days when I wonder why I decided to put myself through this but I try to keep my focus on the big prize at the end.

Friday, 3 April 2015

Happy Birthday, February 2026

Eve Midlock has pretty much come to terms with the idea of becoming a mother in a few months. Her roommate Lilly is ok with living with an infant so Eve has decided to stay put and not make any decisions about the future before the birth of her child.

Janelle Patterson celebrates her first birthday and has turned out to be the spitting image of her father Tom.

Aged-down pictures of Janelle's parents Dixie and Tom. I think Janelle might have Dixie's eyebrow shape but other than that she is Tom's girly mini-me.

  • Eve's third trimester update comes a month early but it seemed reasonable to combine these two short updates into one. I decided to keep Eve living in the apartment with Lilly for now. I'll promote Gabriel (baby daddy) to a playable NPC but I honestly don't know what to do with these two yet.
  • I don't care that Janelle looks exactly like Tom because she looks so cute anyway. I always find it hard to choose a hairstyle for a toddler because very long and full hair doesn't seem too realistic for a 1-year-old but I've thrown caution to the wind and just choose whatever I like.

Monday, 30 March 2015

Rivers and roads

Round 16: January 2026
last update/next update

Jack Robinson is 43, Paige is 42, Todd is 14 and Emma is 5.
(Grace is 43 and Skye is 14.)

Narrated by Jack.

I had to hire a new worker because the cashier I had at Farmer's Market wasn't so thrilled at working on the farm. I'm quite happy about the change though because Paula really seems to enjoy working here and that's always a plus. It's much nicer to work with someone who doesn't complain about getting dirt under their nails or having to stay outside all day. She comes by the farm two or three times a week. We always invite her inside for breakfast first before heading out to the greenhouse.

Monday, 23 March 2015

Happy Birthday, January 2026

Mia Greene turns 12 this year and is one of the three new students in Wellington High School. Mia is very family-oriented but she also has her sights set on a career as an artist.

Friday, 20 March 2015

Christmas lights, 2025

Round 16: December 2025
last update/next update

Liv Harris is 27.
(Stella is 61, Deacon is 60, Dawn is 21, Finn is 20.)

Narrated by Liv.

I bought this house earlier this year. I gained access to my trust fund when I turned 25 but it took a long time to find the perfect house because I knew exactly what I wanted. This house just clicked the moment I walked in. I had the floors replaced and the walls painted before I moved in. At first it felt a bit weird to have so much space for myself because I had lived in that tiny apartment ever since I graduated but I really love living here.

Monday, 16 March 2015

Happy Birthday, December 2025

Eve Midlock's pregnancy was a huge shock for her and her boyfriend Gabriel. The timing is definitely not perfect but is it ever? They've decided to make the best out of the situation and after the initial shock are quite happy to become parents.

Friday, 13 March 2015

How it goes

Round 16: November 2015

Patrick Marlowe is 78, Alexandra Hayes is 51, Quinn is 49, Aaron is 17 and Jeremy is 14.
(Amabelle is 70 and Ross is 14.)

Narrated by Jeremy.

Ross came out to Maddy and his parents in January. It didn't take long for him to tell me either although I had kind of figured out that he liked boys. I've had a huge crush on him for about two years so when he told me that he's gay I felt like my chance had finally come.

Monday, 9 March 2015

Wellington Gazette, October 2025

More pictures of Niall and Libby in October 2025 @ tumblr.

  • Yup, the unthinkable happened, Niall got engaged! Some time ago he rolled the want to get engaged to Libby. Now he rolled the want to get married to her so I thought it's about time to do something about it. He's 30 years old now and also I just realized that Romance is only his second aspiration so he'd probably want to settle down at some point. He acts so much like a Romance sim that I just kind of always thought that it's his primary aspiration but actually it's Knowledge. I should read my own notes more often. ;)
  • I figured that being celebrities who get their photos taken by paparazzi all the time Libby and Niall would want to make just a simple announcement about their engagement. Also I kind of loved the idea of that picture so much that I really wanted to use it. I've updated the playable NPCs page so you'll see a proper picture of these two here.

Friday, 6 March 2015

Good to me

Round 16: October 2025

Max Fielding is 69 and Regan is 61.
(Patrick is 78 and Amabelle is 70.)

Narrated by Regan.

Max and I are in a really good place right now. We both work a lot less and have more time for each other. Max decided to retire from the tv show and concentrate on Music Maximum. I only work three days a week now so we have plenty of time to spend together.

Monday, 2 March 2015

Bed peace

Round 16: September 2025

Dawn Whitfield is 21, Finn Harris is 20 and Shea is 5.
(Rianna is 55, Denise is 39, Josh and Lilly are 20.)

Narrated by Dawn.

Unfortunately it turned out that Finn is allergic to birds. Soon after we bought Polly he started sneezing and coughing. One morning he woke up with both his eyes swollen. He got tested and he's allergic to birds and rodents which rules out getting a guinea pig as well.

Friday, 27 February 2015

Monday, 23 February 2015


Round 16: September 2025

Zach Whitfield is 21 and Josh Cooper is 20.
(Ryland and Jackie are 74.)

Narrated by Zach.

I think Josh's actions have really come to bite him in the ass this semester. He's obviously lost interest in Madison but her boyfriend (ex or current, I can't even tell anymore) Elliot can't seem to let go. He's acting like everything that happened was Josh's fault even though everyone knows it was Madison who made the first move.

To make matters worse they are roommates so it's pretty much impossible for Josh to avoid Elliot completely.

Monday, 2 February 2015

Happy Birthday, September 2025

Malia Newman is on third trimester now and she's taking it easy after some pre-term cramping and contractions. She's on maternity leave and loves the opportunity to spend some quality time with her daughter Briony.

Saturday, 31 January 2015

Steal you away

Round 16: August 2025
last update/Iona's last update/next update/Iona's next update

Greg Newman is 32, Malia is 29, Briony is 1 and Iona Fielding is 13.
(Erin is 30, Skye is 13, Naomi is 2.)

Narrated by Iona.

I'm spending August at dad's and so far I've been pretty bored. Skye has a boyfriend now so we don't spend as much time together as we did before. She comes around sometimes but even then she talks about Todd all the time. I'm happy for her but at the same time I'm kind of jealous - not because I'd want Todd for myself but because I'd really like to have a boyfriend who worships the ground I walk on. I had my first kiss with Jeremy Hayes last year - ok, so I kissed him but it totally still counts - but it's quite clear that he's not interested.