Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Breathe slow

Round 14: Spring 2021
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Patrick Marlowe is 74, Alexandra Hayes is 47, Quinn is 45, Aaron and Ethan are 13 and Jeremy is 10.
Stephen is 20, Emily is 13 and Sara is 12.)

Narrated by Ethan Hayes.

Mom's been really worried about grandpa ever since grandma died last summer. At first he barely got out of the house and most days he wouldn't have gotten out of bed if one of us didn't tell him to get up.

Monday, 7 March 2011

Diving for hearts

Round 14: Spring 2021
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Stephen Marlowe, Eve Midlock and Kaitlyn Brennan are 20.

Narrated by Eve Midlock.

Last year was a real rollercoaster for me. My mom revealed information about my father just before she died so I came to Wellington looking for him. I was surprised and relieved how well Anthony took the news of a 19-year-old daughter. I've been seeing him and his family quite a lot lately.