Thursday, 18 December 2008

Meet the Whitfields

Round 1: 1976-1980
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Senator Ryland Whitfield moves to Wellington with his wife Jackie and daughter Rianna. The family also includes Ryland's little sister Regan who joined the family after her parents died.

Ryland is a Popularity sim and wants to become The Law. His PDH is Cuisine. Ryland is in the Politics career and I'm planning to make him the first mayor of Wellington - if he can get the promotion with the harder jobs hack in the game.

Jackie is a Fortune sim and wants to become a Space Pirate (yeah, like that is going to happen). She shares her husband's enthusiasm for Cuisine and works in the Journalism career.

Rianna is a bit of a princess which is quite understandable since she was the only child in the family for a long time. Luckily she and Regan get along well so no drama on that direction.

Regan is a Knowledge sim and has a LTW to become a Mad Scientist. She's working hard to get into university and hopefully will meet the requirements.

The teens in Wellington have quite high requirements for a college entry. They need to finish high school with a grade of at least B- and they also need at least 3 scholarships. There's also a college tuition but I'll tell more about it later.

Since Ryland is hoping to become the Mayor, he needs to impress the people of Wellington. He often invites people over to discuss important matters such as global warming and the economics. Max Fielding seems to share Ryland's views on how to lead Wellington into prosperity.

Jackie takes Regan to the KaChing shopping centre. She loves fashion and it hurts her eyes to see Regan's punk-esque outfit. Regan is not as interested in the clothes though, she browses through the shop and then hangs out with some kids from the school.

Regan and Jackie have dinner in Kaching's restaurant. It looks more like a prison cafeteria and they're not surprised to hear that soon the restaurant will be renovated completely.

Being a Knowledge sim, Regan is very interested in the outer space. She spends hours gazing to the stars with her fabulous telescope. She even finds a new planet and gets a small reward!

Rianna and Regan are both members of the chess club in their schools. It's the perfect way for them to bond. Rianna's PDH is Games so she's pretty passionate about it.

Poor townie Will Monroe gets sprayed by the skunk! I'm just happy it wasn't one of my playable sims, I imagine that "scent" lingers on for days ;)

I don't know whether it's a new feature but I feel like there's someone walking by the lot or ringing the door bell constantly. Hopefully it'll make it easier for Ryland to fill that "Friends needed for promotion" requirement.

Aww, how the days go by so fast. Rianna enters teendom (is that a word?). Her parents are at work but she celebrates her birthday with Regan and townie Camryn Mitchell who is one of Regan's class mates.

All grown up and ready to rumble! Rianna is a Romance sim with the LTW to become a Visionary. This picture was taken before I gave her a makeover. It's hard to tell which of her parents she resembles more but I do think she has Ryland's nose.

When Ryland and Jackie come home from work, they decide to take the family out for a dinner to celebrate Rianna's birthday. Their obvious choice is Joie Délicieuse, a 5 star French restaurant near the City Hall.

I'm very happy with how this restaurant turned out, might be one of the best lots I've ever built. I forgot to put in toilets though ;)

Unfortunately their waiter is a clumsy idiot and I'm not completely sure about the chef's talents either. I mean, who puts lettuce in cake?

They finally get their cake and it's delicious.
I'll try to get a better picture of Rianna next round so you'll see her "after-the-makeover" look.

After the family gets home, the girls decide to celebrate a little more by dancing to their favorite songs.

Ryland and Jackie choose a different way of celebration. They try for a baby (autonomously) and it's a success. I can't wait for the next round!

  • I created Regan on the spur of the moment when I was creating the family in CAS. She's basically a female version of Ryland with a lighter skintone and different colored eyes. I changed the features just a little bit. I have a feeling she might become my favorite - there's just something about her.


  1. Great start! I wonder if there will be any competition in Ryland's rise to the top. Jackie looks really cool. I'll be excited to hear more about her!

    I love your French restaurant! I've been too lazy to build most of the lots in Sullivan - I've built exactly 3 community lots and no houses!

  2. Thank you :) I really enjoy this hood. It's been a slow start but hopefully I can speed things up and add a few new families.

    This time I've actually enjoyed building, usually I just put a few walls up and that's it. With community lots I always end up modifying them after I've played for a while to make them more functional.

  3. I'm really enjoying your start with Wellington! I can tell you have put your heart into this hood. I plan on catching up with everything's so relaxing to sit back and read about a new hood at nighttime, when the house is quiet!

  4. I agree with everything already said, Nice start. I have added this site to my google reader. Since I am not doing anything tonight I might just read this.

    Oh, and Ryland is hot

  5. Nice start, this is a bit of a late comment I know but I just found your blog and thought to read it from past till present, just a question about your hood. What map are you using? did you start with an empty template so everybody we see will be playables, or do you have townies as well?

  6. ani, Welcome to Wellington. I hope you enjoy your stay. :)

    I did terrain surgery for my hood some time ago and am currently using the Beach Front map by himawara106 for my main hood. Additionally I use StephSim's Simtopia Municipal for my downtownish shopping district.

    I started with an empty template but created my own townies, dormies and vacation locals.

    Thank you for reading and commenting. It's nice to get comments on the older posts as well and I try to reply as soon as I can. :)

  7. Great start! I'm enjoying the flow so far. I cannot wait to read it to the present!

    1. Welcome to Wellington! I'm glad to hear you've enjoyed it so far.

      Thanks! :)