Wednesday, 16 September 2015

School days, April 2026

Round 16: April 2026

Principal: Rianna Midlock
Teachers: Patsy Greene, Quinn Hayes and Lilly Fielding (student teacher)
Students: James Cooper, Connor and Dane Harper and Lina Marlowe are 10, Paloma Lind is 9, Bridget Greene-Cooper and Minka Harris are 8, Brady Cooper and Lucas Greene-Cooper are 7, Jena Harper and Nick and Shea Harris are 6, Tate Cooper, Hanna and Jared Greene, Molly Greene-Cooper, Jasper and Tessa Lind and Emma and Tim Robinson are 5.

Narrated by Rianna Midlock.

We had to renovate the pre-school class room to make room for all our new pre-schoolers. We have eight this year! Luckily Patsy has a lot of experience so she can handle the situation just fine. The kids have gotten used to school by now and she's even able to get them to sit down to do some work from time to time.

Lilly is a big help during lunch hours especially with the pre-schoolers. We try to let her follow every teacher but it's natural that she helps Patsy out the most since she has the biggest class right now.

Quinn likes to have the natural science classes outside whenever the weather permits and an extra pair of eyes is always welcome. I really like how Lilly fits in. She gets along with the other staff members and despite of her saying she's an introvert she's also great with the kids.

We also renovated the music class during the holiday break and there's so much more space now. We have a little corner for theory lessons even though our main focus is on playing instruments and singing.

We managed to buy more violins so now all kids get to play together. Sometimes I don't know if it's a good thing or not - everyone tries their very best but there are days when my ears keep ringing for hours! Minka and Nick are very musical and their parents have been teaching them both to play the piano. Minka seems to like the violin better though.

Being a principal has its pros and cons but one of the things I like is that I get to skip out on recess duty most of the times. I have the most paperwork to handle so the other teachers are more than happy to watch the kids so that I can work on something while it's quiet inside.

Lately I've been having a lot of discussions with Quinn. The city council has decided to hire another teacher for the high school next year and they're currently going through what options we have. Quinn has expressed interest in teaching high school students. I would miss him greatly because he's a great colleague but at the same time I think he'd be a perfect teacher for older students. His transfer would also mean that we'd have to hire a new teacher, preferably Lilly.


  • I think I might have mentioned somewhere that all my kids now start school at the age of 5 instead of 4. All my sims will still age up to kids when they turn 4 but I'll pretend they go to a day care centre or something. In Finland kids start pre-school at the age of 6 so 4 always seemed a bit early for me. (Just in case you're wondering why those 8 kids are still in pre-school.)
  • The high school (which still needs to be built) needs a new teacher because I want to divide the students into three classes instead of two. Quinn will most likely transfer there because he has a lot more experience than Lilly and also she probably wouldn't have a lot of authority over a bunch of teenagers since she very recently used to be one!


  1. Your school is so great! If it weren't for my strict self-imposed "no CC" policy, I'd be VERY tempted to have one in my game, too - and it would look very much like yours :-)
    In Germany, kids start school at 6, too. Pre-school here is actually part of kindergarden; during the last half year or year there, the kids get some exercise books to work on once or twice a week.

    1. This school is very loosely based on my old elementary school, it doesn't really look the same but mine was also an old school in a small village (where I still live).

      In Finland kids go to pre-school either at their kindergarden or at school. There are usually a few pre-school classes around our town, depending on how many kids are attending.

      Thanks for your comment. :)

  2. I love the classrooms, especially the music room. I've been thinking about my hood's schools so seeing this has me itching to start.

    Quinn's leaving is (hopefully) great news for Lilly's new job opening. Something new and exciting for her to focus on.

    1. Other simmers' buildings are usually my biggest inspiration to start building or renovating something for my hood. I'm glad you like the school.

      I've been going over this in my head and I'm fairly certain that Quinn will transfer to high school and Lilly will get a job at the elementary school. It would work out pretty much perfectly like that.

      Thanks for your comment. :)

  3. Well, if Quinn was going to leave, I guess now would be a good time. Lilly looks like she's fitting in tremendously well and she could definitely pick up where he leaves off, Do you have any more sims keen to be teachers in the future?

    The school is looking great, by the way!

    1. I've been thinking about getting another teacher for the high school, even considered making a new playable NPC but decided against it. As you said, the timing is good for Quinn to leave.

      I don't currently have any aspiring teachers although there's one teen that might be somewhat suitable. All my teachers are still quite young, Rianna's the oldest and she's only 58 so hopefully I don't have to worry about getting new teachers for a few years.

      I'm planning to post a proper tour of the school now that I think the layout is finally done. I've been changing it every time I play the school but I think I'll stick with how it looks now.

      Thanks for your comment. :)