Monday, 28 June 2010

School days, Spring 2018

Round 12: Spring 2018

Principal Rianna Midlock is 48, Quinn Hayes is 42 and Patsy Greene is 27.
Students: Aaron and Ethan Hayes, Emily Midlock and Frieda Robinson are 10, Sara Midlock is 9, Riley Cooper is 8, Madelyn and Ross Cooper and Jeremy Hayes are 7, Iona Fielding, Skye Marlowe, Liam Cooper and Todd Robinson are 6, Jesse Midlock is 5, Jett and Kyra Marlowe and Mia Greene are 4.

The school has bought some digital cameras and Quinn's class is the first to try them out. Ethan and Frieda get to work right away while Emily gets some advice from Quinn.

Aaron and Sara on the other hand don't seem very interested in photography. Sara tells Aaron that she would much rather practice sewing. Unfortunately that's not possible until she starts high school.

Riley was feeling a bit misplaced at first. He's the youngest of the class this year and all the other kids were already good friends with each other. They've taken him to their circle though so he's part of the group now.

The class gets back inside after the kids have taken a few photos. Quinn teaches them how to transfer the pictures from the cameras to the computers. Each kid will choose one photo and the collection will be uploaded to the school's website.

Rianna is having some problems with her class. The kids all behave well but there's just so many of them. There aren't enough easels for everyone and there's definitely not enough space to put up more easels.

The kids don't seem to mind though.

Rianna would be happy if all the kids could eat lunch at the same time but it's impossible at the moment.

She spends most of her lunch time to email governor Deacon Burrows about the lack of space in the school. Maybe he'll agree that the town is in dire need of a new elementary school if he comes over for a visit and sees the whole situation with his own eyes.

There's plenty of room in Patsy's class as there's only 3 pre-schoolers and 1 kindergartener this year. Someone seems to be missing though...

Jett is often so busy playing at the playground that he forgets to leave for class in time.

Patsy gives him a final warning. If he doesn't come to class with the other kids, Patsy has no other option than to contact his parents.

The rest of the day goes by quite well. Patsy lets the kids play on the activity table even during gradework. She knows from experience the pre-schoolers have the attention span of a fruit fly. They get much more work done if she lets them play every now and then.

Deacon Burrows has agreed to visit the school. Rianna meets him at her office. She tells him that this year the school has had the biggest enrollment of its history and the number of students is not going to drop in the future. The school was fine in the beginning but now there simply isn't enough space.

Rianna gives Deacon a tour of the school and he sees that it really is packed to the maximum.

"You are right, mrs Midlock. This school is too small for such a large group of children. I will address this matter in the next city council meeting" Deacon tells Rianna.

Rianna's plan worked. It might take a few years but eventually she will get a bigger school for her students.

  • Title reference: School days by Chuck Berry. I will use this as the title for all elementary school updates from now on.
  • I love this school but it's just too small! I will start building a new one but I have a few other projects on my list so it'll take a while.
  • My summer holiday starts on Friday. I'll have time to play and update more often, yay :)


  1. I can't wait to see the new school! I bet it's going to be amazing.

  2. Apple Valley, patience, patience ;) I'm hoping to build the school before the next update which is 2 sim years from now but I'm not making any promises.

  3. Yay for your holidays!

    I'm glad Deacon agreed with Rianna about needing a new school. The kids can't learn properly if the school is overcrowded.

    Whenever you get around to the school, I look forward to seeing it! I know what it is to have a to-do list a mile long!

  4. Woot! for holidays!! Mine has started as well, and I love it! I'm looking forward to your updates. :)

    The kids are all so cute, I especially adore Frieda (love her name too). I like this current school, but I bet your next one will be awesome too. I hope you'll do a tour once you get to it on your list.

  5. Carla, Deacon pretty much had to agree with Rianna since education was one of the talking points in his campaign. I'm hoping to finish the military base some day and then I'll start building the school.

    Maisie>, yay for holidays! I actually sort of started already since I got tenosynovitis in my right wrist and the doctor gave me the rest of the week off. I'm typing with one hand now but I'll try to update this week.

    I'll definitely give a tour around the school once it's finished.