Thursday, 1 July 2010

In the middle of the night

Round 12: Spring 2018
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Rianna Midlock is 48, Anthony is 44, Emily is 10, Sara is 9 and Jesse is 5. 
(Denise is 32 and Dawn is 14.)

Narrated by Rianna Midlock

It's easy to tell that Emily and Sara are getting closer to puberty. They are always whispering about something.

They keep shushing each other whenever I walk into the room but I'm pretty sure they're talking about boys. Already! Anthony keeps joking that he'll have to get a shotgun to keep all the little casanovas off our property.

Jesse has gotten so big too. He's already old enough to make his own bed which doesn't necessarily mean that he likes it. It's a huge help for me though.

I'm cherishing these moments when we're all playing outside. Emily will start high school in a couple of years and Sara will follow a year after Emily. I doubt that they will play with mom and dad after that.

Emily is already chatting online with her friends every day. We let her use the computer for 15 minutes each day with the condition that either me or Anthony is in the room all the time. There are so many weirdos online these days that you can never be too careful.

The girls do their homework pretty much autonomously these days so I can concentrate on helping Jesse. I think he really enjoys learning new stuff and meeting his friends at school but the whole homework aspect doesn't appeal to him very much. That could change when he gets older though. I was never really enthusiastic about school when I was a kid and going to college was more about getting out of my parents' house but now I'm a teacher!

I think Anthony and I have been going through a little dry spell in our relationship. It's not that we don't love each other but it's hard to keep the flame going when you have three kids and busy schedules.

We got a rare occasion to spend some quality time together when we both had a day off work at the same time.

We played chess together which we both enjoyed. The girls usually hog the chess table so it's nearly impossible to play when they're home.

Anthony insisted on taking me out for lunch so we walked up to Café Carousel.

It was all very romantic and the food was delicious. But then again, mom's cookings are always delicious.

I had a quick word with mom before we left and she invited us over for dinner. She said that Denise and Ben were coming too with the kids so mom said it would be nice to see us all.

We agreed to go and headed back home. We were like teenagers on our way back, stopping at every street corner to make out.

Dawn was already cooking dinner when we got to mom and dad's. She's only 14 but she's already a better cook than I could ever be! I think she wants to take over the restaurant one day but first she wants to go to college and get a degree.

The kids were too busy playing together to come to dinner so us adults sat at the table first.

The food was amazing. I almost licked my plate after I was finished!

But the dessert was even better although it wasn't food but came in the form of news. Denise and Ben told us that they're pregnant! The baby is due in the winter so it's still quite early but they wanted to tell us.

"I had a feeling that dad was getting a bit suspicious because I kept rushing to the toilet the other day and I haven't drank any coffee lately" Denise said. "So we thought it's best to tell you all at the same time."

I jumped off my seat and gave Denise a hug. I'm so happy for them!

  • Title reference: In the middle of the night by Martha Wainwright.
  • Emily will age up in the Winter 2020 so she will already be a teenager the next time I play this household. Oh how the time flies!
  • I played the Coopers briefly to change them into more casual clothes before Janie and Danny's BBQ. They tried for a baby and she got pregnant. As said above, the baby is due in the Winter 2019.
  • Some of you might know that I got tenosynovitis on my right wrist. I'm on sick leave until the end of this week and then I'll start my summer vacation. This all means more updates! I'm able to play since I can use the mouse with my left hand but it takes forever to type the updates with just one hand. My wrist is getting better every day though so I'm expecting to be my good old self in a few days.


  1. I wish I had a niece that would cook for me :P and congrats on the baby! That's why she was so interested in the topics at the BBQ.

    I love Rianna's outfit, is that Xandher? Also Anthony's tattoo's are those from SpaceKitty?

    Huggles, I hope your wrist is better.

  2. Apple Valley, thanks for reading :) I have 4 nieces but they're all too young to cook but maybe in the future...

    Rianna's outfit is by Xianah, you can find it in the POBS section at N99. I think Anthony's tattoos might be from Morague. You can find the link in my custom content post. I use the fixed version by Rikku.

    BTW, it was Dixie Greene who was interested in the kids stuff at the BBQ. The Greene-Patterson update should come in a couple of days, I'm playing them next.

  3. I'm glad your wrist is getting better, and that you have more time to play/update. :)

    I love the name of the Cafe! Dawn is one of my favorites, I'm looking forward to her aging up and taking over things after college.

    Yeah for a little one. Funny that you went in to change their clothes, and get a little surprise bundle out of it. I'm glad Rianna and Anthony got some spark back.

  4. Maisie, thanks. My wrist feels alot better than it did on Tuesday. It still gets sore pretty quickly if I use it though.

    I like Dawn a lot too. I'm playing their household soon so you'll see more of her then. I'm pretty sure I got the name of the cafe from a real restaurant. I suck at naming business lots so I usually google for similar RL businesses and "borrow" a name.

    Both Denise and Ben have had the want for a baby ever since Liam aged to toddler so I'm very happy for them.

  5. I'm glad your wrist is improving! Typing one-handed isn't easy, especially if it's your non-dominant hand (I'm assuming you're right-handed).

    It was sweet to see these two get to go on a little date, to find their spark again. Must be hard with three kids in the house!

    I can't believe Emily and Sara will be teens soon! I still remember Rianna and Anthony getting together pretty clearly, so time really has flown!

    So Denise and Ben are having a baby! Yay! I had to go and read your note again though because at first, I thought you were saying that they got pregnant at the BBQ. I've never had a visitor fall pregnant, even while selectable and didn't think it was possible. So I guess it's still not, lol!

    Apple Valley, Anthony's tattoos are definitely from Morague's box. They're the same ones my Owen has. I didn't know there was a fixed version of that box though (last I checked, she hadn't done that one). I've been reapplying Owen's every time, so I'll have to check that out.

  6. Carla, I'm actually left-handed so I've gotten pretty good at typing with just one hand.

    This is one of my favorite families, Anthony and Rianna are so sweet together and the kids are adorable. If I remember correctly Sara was the first baby born after I started using the "new" calendar system. (Not so new now)

    I had to read my note again to see what I had written! Nope, they didn't get pregnant at the BBQ. You're right about the visitors not being able to get pregnant.

    You're right about the tattoos. It's funny, I was certain that I had the fixed version but it's not at Rikku's site. Anthony's tattoos stay on though, I don't have to reapply them. I'll try to find if I have downloaded a fixed version somewhere else.