Tuesday, 31 August 2010

L.E.S. Artistes

Round 13: Spring 2019
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Stephen Marlowe is 18.

After long consideration, Stephen has chosen to major in Psychology. His other option was History but in the end he's more interested in the human mind and especially a criminal one. He wishes to become a profiler for the SCIA someday. In the mean time he enjoys spending time at the faculty building for Behavioural Sciences. He can always find someone to play chess with.

It's also more fun to study with a group of other students than be buried in books in your room at the dormitory.

Stephen has been dating Kaitlyn for some time, ever since they were introduced by Liv Harris.

They usually meet at the pub and play some poker.

At some point they end up making out in some dark corner. Kaitlyn lives in a dorm as well so they wouldn't get much privacy there.

Stephen always makes sure that he is right on schedule with all his homework. He came to Brixton University to study.

He was really disappointed about the rule that freshmen and sophomores aren't allowed to rent houses anymore and are obliged to live in dorms. He likes his dorm though. All the other students are really nice and he can always lock his door if he wants privacy.

Stephen's mom Vicki couldn't wait any longer to check out on her youngest child. Patrick tried to convince her that Stephen is doing fine but she just had to see it with her own eyes.

They have lunch in the dorm cafeteria and Stephen tells them amusing stories about what has happened to him so far.

Vicki is not very impressed with the fact that Stephen has a double bed.

"Mom, all the rooms have double beds, I guess they just thought that double beds are more comfy than single beds. But sleep-overs aren't allowed so it's not a big deal. It's not like I'm going to get some girl in trouble, if that's what you're afraid of" Stephen says.

Kaitlyn happens to stop by the dorm just as Vicki and Patrick are leaving. Stephen introduces her to his parents although they haven't dated for that long yet. It would be kind of rude not to introduce her and besides, she would probably meet them anyway at some point.

Both Vicki and Patrick seem to think that Kaitlyn is a very nice girl. Vicki is probably thrilled about Stephen dating someone because that could mean weddings and babies in a few years. She's really jumping a gun here but you can't blame a mother for trying.

The university might have bought the double beds just because they're comfortable but that's not why the students like them so much. Sleep-overs or not, it's probably not a surprise to anyone that the students use their beds for much more than just sleeping.

The dorm supervisors usually make their rounds at 11pm so Kaitlyn makes sure she's back at her own dorm by that time. It would be nice to spend the whole night together but they don't want to risk getting expelled.

  • Title reference: L.E.S. Artistes by Santogold
  • Stephen got A+ for both semesters and finished his freshman year with a 4.0 GPA. I have some new career rules and the Intelligence career requires a certain degree. I think Psychology suits Stephen well. He would succeed in any major though because he's very well skilled.
  • This dorm is finally working properly. Last time I played it a couple of rooms stayed vacant because the dormies never claimed rooms. Now all the 6 rooms are occupied with 5 boys and 1 girl. I don't know what was causing the problem but it seems to have fixed without any effort from me.
  • Kaitlyn is a dormie and I imagine she's a freshman so she's also 18. I think they're a really cute couple.
  • I noticed that for some reason I had written in Stephen's profile that his aspiration is Popularity. He's been a Fortune sim ever since he aged to teen and I've now corrected the profile.


  1. The look Vicky is giving Sephen when Patrick is greeting Kaitlyn, it's like she picturing that wedding and baby alreay.
    I like Kailyn and Stephen together, they are a cute couple.

  2. Alright Vicky, make up your mind! First, you're concerned about double beds but you're also planning weddings and grandchildren? LOL

    I'm having that issue with the vacant rooms as well. I was testing an in-hood dorm and out of the four rooms, one is vacant. It's weird. Hopefully, when I go back the lot, it'll fix itself.

  3. I love your dorm! It looks so much friendlier than the regular game dorms.
    Someone is in a hurry for grandbabies!

  4. Tanja, I had to look at that picture again and you're right. Vicki really looks like she's already picking a dress for the wedding ;)

    LaurelCrossing, Vicki is concerned about the double beds because she wants the wedding to happen before the grandkids, lol.

    It's very annoying to have those vacant rooms, I think I had 2 or 3 the last time I played that dorm. Hopefully your dorm will fix itself.

    gallowaytownship, thanks. The dorm is from Simcastic Designs but I've modified it quite a bit.

    Vicki constantly rolls the want to have another grandchild. Or for a relative to get engaged or married.

  5. I love your dorm, everything seems so bright and modern and open. I love the strict rules for the dorms as well, makes sense. Do you have one of your dormies acting as the RA? I have one that acts as such and sometimes my playable sims can become RAs as well. However, no double beds in my dorms, they can rent an apartment if they want double beds :P

  6. Oooh, I really like what I can see of your faculty building! I only have one of those so far, and it's not finished yet.

    I'm glad Liv introduced Kaitlyn and Stephen. He's too cute to remain single. ;) Good to see Stephen's parents approve as well!

  7. Apple Valley, I don't have anyone acting as the RA, I just pretend there is one. That's a good idea though, I might use it for future updates :)

    Carla, thanks. I think this is the only faculty building that I like. The others need a lot of work.

    I agree, Stephen is definitely too cute to remain single. They have quite a good chemistry as well, 2 bolts with 59 raw points.

  8. I really like the faculty building idea. I wrote it into my notebook when you mentioned it at N99, I'm glad we got to see one in action! Stephen is adorable, and I really like him with Kaitlyn, cute pair.

    Funny on her arriving as his parents were leaving, sometimes that's just how things happen.

  9. Maisie, thanks. I'll probably post lot tours of the faculty buildings in the distant future. I kind of like this one but I hate the others.

    Yeah, I like it when something like this happens randomly. I wasn't going to have her meet Stephen's parents yet but since she happened to walk by I thought why not.