Monday, 16 August 2010

If this is it

Round 13: Winter 2019
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Patrick Marlowe is 72, Vicki is 68, Alexandra Hayes is 45, Quinn is 43, Aaron and Ethan are 11 and Jeremy is 8.
(Stephen is 18.)

Narrated by Alexandra Hayes

I got a call to work that Quinn had been in a car accident. He drove to Brixton University that morning to enroll into the master's program. On the way back some lunatic had rammed him off the road! The police caught the guy and he was drunk.

I rushed to the hospital immediately. I guess I looked quite panicky because doctor Grace Cooper grabbed me by my arms and told me that Quinn was doing alright considering the circumstances. I felt a huge wave of relief.

She had already put a cast on his broken arm and stitched up his face. He was more conserned about the car though. Men!

Grace came in and told us that they would keep him in for observation for one night but he would be free to go home the next day.

He got some physiotherapy too. Mainly just massage because his muscles are really sore from the crash.

He got home the next day and I'm sure he'll be fine in no time. Mom is doting on him, making sure he eats and rests. I think she secretly enjoys having someone to take care of at home during the day.

Being on sick leave has given Quinn an opportunity to start working on his master's degree. He can only type with one hand so he's making a very slow progress on his paper.

We got a new problem just as I was happy that Quinn was recovering from the car accident. Jeremy was playing with Donna outside when all of a sudden he ran inside.

"Mommy, mommy, Donna won't get up from the ground" he yelled. I rushed outside to see what was happening. She just lay on the ground and wagged her tail.

I called a taxi and took her to the vet. They put her on an iv drop but they said that she's old and weak and they couldn't give any guarantee on whether she would make it or not.

Aaron and Jeremy were playing outside when I came back. I think Aaron understood that I didn't have good news so he tried to keep Jeremy occupied by playing cops and robbers with him.

Ethan was inside with dad. I whispered to dad that it didn't look too good for Donna.

Later that evening I got a call from the vet that Donna had died in her sleep.

It was so late that I didn't tell anyone until next morning.

Mom tried to put on a happy face and insisted on making breakfast but I could tell that she was sad. We had that dog forever and she was a member of our family.

Mom finally broke down in the evening after the boys had gone to bed and started crying. She said she had known that Donna wasn't going to be around for much longer but she still felt really bad that she didn't have the chance to say goodbye.

Quinn and I tried to come up with something that would cheer everyone up. We decided to invite Stephen over for the weekend. I called him and said that we would pay for his bus fair if he wanted to come. He said he would come on friday after his classes.

Mom was so happy to see him. I know she misses him so much now that he's away at college but she's also very proud of him.

I can't believe how grown-up he looks and sounds. He hasn't decided on a major yet but he wants to work in intelligence so it has to be something related to that. I was a Mathematics major so naturally I tried to convince him to major in Maths too but I think he's more interested in History or Political Science. Hearing him talk about his studies kind of made me miss my years in college. I was a total mess back then though so I wouldn't want to be in that position again.

One thing I don't miss about college life is the food. Stephen said that they still serve mac and cheese in the dorms. No wonder he ate two hamburgers on one sitting!

  • Title from "If this is it" by Newton Faulkner
  • Sorry for the long hiatus. I got back to work two weeks ago and don't have much time to play now. I've been working on some buildings for the hood so I haven't been completely MIA. I'll try to get more updates online during this week.
  • First ROS of the round: Quinn rolled the car accident one. It gave me a chance to show off the new hospital. Those of you who are member of N99 probably know that I tore down the hospital that I used for the winter birthdays post. It was too big and I didn't really like it. I'm very happy with how this one turned out.
  • Donna was really old. They bought her when Thomas was a toddler and he's 32 now! I have a new way of aging pets so there won't be over 30-year-old dogs in the future.
  • I really need to change my sims into season-approriate clothing. The kids playing outside in their t-shirts is a no-no even if it has been a very warm winter!


  1. Quinn in a car accident and Donna now in doggy heaven! Quite a bit of drama going on in this. But Donna was a seriously old pet anyway - 32!?

    From the little snips I've seen, your hospital looks great... and very hospital-like, which I suppose you wanted. ;) It's all reminded me I really need to finish my own hospital and do a little tour of it at New Buckington.

    And one-fingered essay writing must be so frustrating!

  2. Aw, poor Donna! But still, sounds like she had a good run!

    I loved your hospital scenes with Quinn after his accident. What a great idea to have physio! That reminds me that Sims in Sullivan actually have nowhere to go for a massage except vacation destinations!

    Nice to see Stephen visiting the family too!

  3. Shake, yes, this was a pretty drama-packed update. Everything turned out fine in the end. Donna had a great life and she's off to doggy heaven now.

    Thanks, I really like how the hospital turned out. I went for a hospital-like look :)

    I had tenosynovitis on my right wrist earlier this year and typing with just one hand isn't much fun.

    Carla, Donna had a good smf long life. It was definitely her time to go!

    I knew I wanted a physiotherapy department in the hospital and now I got to use it right away. That's the only place for Sims in Wellington to get a massage. I need to build a spa for those who don't need physio but still want to pamper themselves.

    I just had to sneak Stephen into this update :)

  4. Alexander must have gotten quite a fright getting that phone call, I'm glad Quinn is doing fine.
    I'm going to build a hospital myself, and witht he physio you have given me something extra to put in :)

    Omg, Donna became 32! That really is long! Now I come to think of it, I don't have system so my pets don't get so old. If you don't mind me asking, but how do you do it, that pets don't get so old?

  5. Tanja, it must have been quite a scare for Alexandra to hear that her husband was in an accident.

    Everyone's building hospitals now! Good luck with yours and don't forget to show us the result when you're done.

    I play with aging off so the pets would never die if I don't age them up manually. I age my sims 2 days per round but from now on I will age pets 4 days per round so they don't live as long as sims.

  6. I'm glad Quinn was ok and your hospital looks great. I knew Donna wasn't going to be as lucky. Though you could definetly say she lived a full life er at least a long one.

    A lot of trauma with the accident and the dog dying, hopefully it's easier for them the next time around.

  7. Maisie, Donna definitely had a long life, I'm pretty sure everyone figured that she wouldn't make it.

    I'm planning to do a proper tour of the hospital soon.

    This family definitely deserves a break from drama so we'll just have to wait and see what happens next round.