Sunday, 26 December 2010

Wellington Gazette, Summer 2020

by Brooke Harper

Retired lawyer, Vicki Marlowe, died in hospital after suffering a heart attack. She was 69 years old.

Vicki Marlowe moved to Wellington in 1975 with her daughter Alexandra and lived with her twin sister Bobbie for a few years.

In the early 1980's she met Patrick Marlowe and the two fell in love.

They bought a house in Allerdale and were married in their own garden in 1985.

Their happiness was complete when they had their first child together in 1986, a son called Thomas.

Thomas and Stephen, c. 2002

They had another son, Stephen, in 2001.

Vicki with grandson Aaron, c. 2010

Vicki Marlowe was a respected lawyer who started from the bottom and worked her way up to a partnership in local law firm. She managed to build a successful career despite the fact that for her, family always came first.

After her retirement she dedicated her life to her family, especially her grandchildren.

Vicki and Patrick Marlowe were married for 35 years and remained in love and happy together until her death.

Vicki and her family in 2020: husband Patrick; daughter Alexandra and her husband Quinn and children Aaron, Ethan and Jeremy; son Stephen; son Thomas and his wife Nyah and their children Skye, Jett, Kyra and Lina

Vicki Marlowe leaves behind twin sister Bobbie, husband Patrick, daughter Alexandra, sons Thomas and Stephen as well as 7 grandchildren.


I wanted to get some old photos of Vicki and Bobbie together when they were younger so I aged them down temporarily before killing Vicki off...

Vicki (left) and Bobbie, 10, in 1961.

Vicki (right) and Bobbie, 20, in 1971.

And a couple of photos of Vicki and Patrick right before she died.

  • Rest in peace, Vicki. She had a full and happy life.This is the first sim dying of old age in Wellington. I felt so sad to let her go but it was her time. I've been preparing for this for a long time so in the end I just went in and did it.
  • Vicki apparently had a very good life insurance since she left €20,000 for Patrick, €10,000 for her kids and €2,500 for her grandchildren.


  1. Her life insurance was very nice. I might have to look at making sims pay for life insurance policies. I wish that life insurance was paid out regardless of age of death though. Loved the older photos you staged, were the girls identical?

  2. Apple Valley, I've been thinking the same about the life insurance. I popped in the Greene household today and noticed that Bobbie also inherited money from Vicki, don't know how much thought because the Greenes are loaded anyway.

    The girls weren't 100% identical because I remember creating Bobbie first and then cloning her and making some changes and creating Vicki. But they looked very much alike anyway.

  3. RIP Vicki! Can't believe she's gone. :(

    I think that's the maximum life insurance pays out, so Vicki's left behind a nice little bundle for her family. :)

    What a great idea to age down Vicki and Bobbie to get some childhood shots. I should think about doing that next time I have a former townie die.

    Also, I love how Alexandra and Quinn are posed in the family pic. I have that box but have never thought to have the female's head lowered like that. It looks very sweet.

  4. Carla, can you believe this is the first elder death in my hood. I play very slowly compared to you!

    I wish there was a way to see how much she leaves for each sim since now it only showed first 4 or 5 names on the list.

    I went through my old photos for the obituary and realized that I didn't have any good pictures of Bobbie and Vicki when they were adults. After aging them down to adults I thought I'd get a childhood photo as well.

    Actually that pose is a lucky shot. Alexandra refused to look at the camera (as did Nyah, Vicki and Patrick) but I really liked how she tilted her head down.

  5. I love this obituary. It's so sad when Sims die.

  6. heredoncove, I'm glad you like the obituary. It was quite nice to go back and look at all those old photos but it was quite sad too.

  7. RIP Vicky!
    It seems like she lived a full live. I'm sure she will be missed.

    The life insurance, is that the one that comes with the game, or do you have your own system or hack?

  8. Tanja, Vicki was kind of young for an elder to die but she did live a full life. Her family misses her very much.

    It's the life insurance or whatever it's called from the game. I was surprised that she left so much money to everyone, I noticed that she also left money to Bobbie and Bobbie's children!