Saturday, 2 April 2011

A little update

I thought I'd post a little something to tell you what's going on since I haven't updated for a few weeks now.

As most of you know, my game has had some bad crashing issues for a long time. Lately it has become practically unplayable and getting updates done has been very difficult. The constant crashing has also made quite uninspiring to play. But fear not!

Wellington will hopefully be back to normal soon. I'm in the process of completely re-installing my game which I hope fixes at least some of the problems. I have a couple of updates that are almost done so hopefully I'll get them online next week. So please bear with me while I try to get my game together :)


  1. I really hope you get it fixed!! My game doesn't crashe nearly as much as yours, and I already hate it! I think it's brave of you that you kept trying this long!!

    Anyway, keeping my fingers crossed and sending you all the luck I can give you!

  2. Good luck! I hope this does the trick for you. You've had more than your share of game issues lately.

  3. Tanja, thanks :)

    I think it's more stubborness than bravery that has kept me going, lol!

    Carla, thank you :)

    I really hope this is the solution. I'm just going to keep working on this until I can fix whatever it is that's broken.

  4. How unlucky! I'm crossing my fingers for you! (:

  5. Try using Delphy's download organizer. I was having crashing issues as well. I used the DO and you wouldn't believe how many duplicates I had in my game! Then I was able to find orphan CC (CC that I had with meshes missing). After all that (which took a while considering the amount of CC I have) the game runs MUCH better.

  6. Driftwood Valley, thank you :)

    LaurelCrossing, I have already tried the download organizer but I only had one duplicate and no orphan CC. My game crashes just as much after deleting that one duplicate so clearly it wasn't the issue. Thanks anyway :)

  7. Good luck with fixing everything.

  8. Apple Valley, thanks. Re-installing everything seems to have helped a lot. I'm actually going to have a real update online tomorrow!