Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Lot tour: St. Mary's Church

Winter 2022

St. Mary's Church is located in Allerdale. Nobody knows exactly when it was built but it is believed that the church building is at least 200 hundred years old. It has been unused for decades but has been revived by the village committee. The church will mainly be used for weddings and other low key family gatherings.

Floor plan of the church.

Floor plan of the reception hall.

The church hall entrance is tiny. There's a mirror where the bride (and other church goers) can check their appearance before stepping into the church hall. On the other side there's a cabinet for hymn books and other small items.

A view from the church door to the altar.

The church is usually decorated in neutral colors but a marrying couple can have it decorated in their favorite colors. The next couple to be married here have chosen different shades of blue and purple.

A closer look at the altar.

The reception hall is also decorated for the wedding, mainly with the bride's favorite color purple.

There's a buffet table and a separate table for the wedding cake.

The reception hall has a small but efficient kitchen that the catering company can use. The doorway to the kitchen is decorated with curtains.

The kitchen equipment.

There's a small table for the catering workers to sit down and eat a snack and just rest their feet for a while.

The guests can also sit outside on the patio if the weather is nice.

  • I mainly built this church for Dixie Greene and Tom Patterson's wedding but I plan to use it for other stuff as well. I wanted a very simple layout with simple decorations and landscaping. I think I achieved my goals pretty well.
  • I have replaced the chairs in the reception hall with ones that don't have the balloons. I think the balloons are nice but a bit too much to be used on every chair.


  1. I love it! It's a perfect country church!

    The exterior is stunning. I particularly like the little outdoor seating area.

  2. Very nice, I love all the little details.

  3. Fantastic, I like all the little details :)

  4. A nice little charming country church. It does give the feeling that it has been there for a long time. Very well done.

  5. Driftwood Valley and oasisvalley, thank you :)